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Creating a "cure"?

Is it possible to create some form of mental stress reliever with Alchemy? I need to know, as I want to aid a friend with some trauma in t…

Started by Xavier Bogvidan

2 Jul 27
Reply by Xavier Bogvidan

The Role of the Trickster in Alchemy

Hi there I'm curious, I've read about alchemy, both classical and spiritual and I'm wondering if a Trickster plays a role and if so at what…

Started by Shannon

19 Apr 11, 2018
Reply by sav

Combining Alchemy and Astrology for personal resolutions of conflicts

Hello dear fellow colleages of the art :) I would like to open this discussion because I want to share an idea that I have recently receive…

Started by Diana Petrova

7 Dec 14, 2017
Reply by Luc Auriel


hepar sulphuris calcarea

I need help.  I am agronomist, i am working with biodynamic agriculture since 8 years. At this time I have been studing the effect of hepar…

Started by otavio augusto faria

0 Oct 29, 2017


Pop Quiz: Alchemy

What do this mean? The alchemist will put the base matter in a pot of flame which will burn away the impure matter then leave a molded gold…

Started by Mishan alchmey

7 Jun 25, 2017
Reply by Wyatt Jones

How Should A Seeker Find A Guide?

It seems clear that those who for whatever reason find themselves upon the path of earnest searching for truth, must at some stage find a g…

Started by Pilgrim

16 Jun 25, 2017
Reply by Wyatt Jones

Infinity symbol

I was meditating on the infinity symbol (the lemniscate) today and realized it may be a symbol for binary star system...       A sample ra…

Started by Giuwah

4 Mar 30, 2017
Reply by Akasha

What is Alchemy & Their meanings?

Alchemy is the practice of turning lead in to gold. When I heard this The first words I said was. "This is a lie and anyone who believes it…

Started by Raymond Mitchell

5 Feb 3, 2017
Reply by Pilgrim

Personal Alchemy Symbol?

I have heard of such a thing, but I am not quite sure of the details... I met a person who briefly mentioned it. I randomly got an image in…

Started by MourningStar033199

0 Sep 30, 2016


The Alchemy lectures were wonderful. Thank you! Lyndesfarne

The Alchemy lectures were wonderful. Thank you.

Started by Peter F Smith

1 Aug 24, 2015
Reply by Aksis


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