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How can we actually save the world

I have been thinking about this for many years now. There is so much destruction going on its hard to imagine that man is able to make the…

Started by Dean

5 17 hours ago
Reply by Ivan Esquivel

Swami Sivananda maharaj-Concentration explained(wonderfully)

Yogasara-Upanishad Mantra - 11 (continued) Dharana (concentration) is fixing the mind on an idea or a point or object either internal or ex…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 22

Venkatesananda Daily Readings 17 march

Venkatesananda Daily Readings Bhagavad Gita - Song of God iii:27 - prakriteh kriyamaanaani gunaih karmaani sarvashah ahamkaaravimoodhaatmaa…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 17

Venkatesananda daliy bhagavad gita readings 16 march-

Venkatesananda Daily Reading (Bhagavad Gita) - 16 March iii:26 - na buddhibhedam janayed ajnaanaam karmasanginaam joshayet sarva karmaani…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 16

Gurdjieff Work

If you live in the New York City area, and you wish to be part of a real group, you can reach me by email at gurdjieff49@yahoo.Com

Started by Abbott Feren

0 Mar 13

Cafe Au Soul

       Cafe Au Soul is a site I found, always looking for new interpretations of the I Ching. I'm impressed with the feel and attitude, the…

Started by Snodoc AND

0 Mar 12

Mantra-Purusha Suktam-sanskrit/english translation.

Purusha Suktam - in sanskrit with meaning - from Rig Veda 10.90 - from Rig Veda (10.90) पुरुष   सुक्तम् Purusha Suktam सहस्रशीर्षा पुरुष…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 9

Venkatesananda daily bhagavadgita readings- 9 march- sacrafice

Venkatesananda Daily Reading (Bhagavad Gita) - 9 March iii:14 - annaad bhavanti bhootaani parjanyaad anna sambhavah yajnaad bhavati parjan…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 9

Random Thoughts. River, bank, rock, fish..

Pulling from eastern philosophy and my own experiences.Life is like a river, metaphorically.Lots of stuff coming at you, and it doesn't see…

Started by Chris Kelley

0 Mar 7

Swami venkatesananda daily bhagavad gita readings-7 march

Venkatesanandaya Daily Reading (Bhagavad Gita) - 7 March iii:12 - ishtaan bhogaan hi vo devaa daasyante yajnabhaavitaah tair dattaan aprada…

Started by Dean

0 Mar 7


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