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Help in dealing with life's challenges

Help in dealing with life's challenges 

Started by Irima

2 on Sunday
Reply by Irima

The Difference Between a Magician and a Witch

While witchcraft seems to have become almost the default religion for new age spiritualists the source of much of the operational mechanics…

Started by Sunmover

5 Sep 18, 2016
Reply by zsd23

Penis enhancement mantras

I learned this from a pen pal master in china. Its secret nei gung of the brain/marrow wash classic to train the penis. If you have chi it…

Started by Skyler

2 Aug 14, 2016
Reply by Chill


Talking/ouija boards?

I'm wondering what anyone here thinks about talking boards. Tell me about your opinions on using this tool and/or your experiences. Is it a…

Started by Kaleigh

7 Mar 16, 2016
Reply by Iridescence


Solo Ceremonial Magick

After too long being involved in group work I am at a point of working on my own. On one side it is much easier avoiding the inevitable gro…

Started by Thomas Taylor

0 Jul 26, 2015

A Short Course in Scrying

Started by Sunmover

0 Jul 15, 2015

Serious talk about battling evil "entities."

I would like to ask you all who have knowledge of this topic to share at this time. Although I may not have earned such knowledge from your…

Started by Rev. Eric Miller

7 Jan 13, 2015
Reply by thomas warunek

Use of "Old English" in Ritual

I was looking over the initiation rituals for the Golden Dawn and noticed that they say it is important to recite certain words which are w…

Started by Lee Farrell

2 Nov 13, 2014
Reply by Chill


Occult Shops

Before you walk into an occult shop what do you expect to see? What are your favorite things to buy? What is something that you have alwa…

Started by ӂKƩП۟۞

3 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by Elerman

Freestyle Rituals

I manly do freestyle rituals. I say thing's spontaneously in ritual. I go by a lay out of the the ritual. I don't memories rituals, such as…

Started by Eric Scott

1 Sep 12, 2014
Reply by anki


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