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Online Library

About the Library at Esoteric Online: The Library contained on Esoteric Online is one of the fastest growing and largest digital librarie…

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Activities and Links

Hello Everyone,I wanted to put together some reference information, to make it easy for others to participate in the site. Some of these fu…

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Please introduce yourself

371 on Friday
Reply by Blaze


A forum for general discussion of subjects which do not fit into a current category.

128 Dec 19, 2018
Reply by Michael John


The Alchemy Forum

27 Apr 11, 2018
Reply by sav

Astral Projection

The Astral Projection Forum

12 on Sunday
Reply by John Allan


The Astrology Forum - Discuss and share material on Astrology, and astrological correspondence.

14 Jan 2
Looking for professional astrologer in the topic area of 'history of natural-science
by Hubert Rehberger


The Buddhism Forum

2 Oct 6, 2017
Reply by Travis


Discuss aspects of Esoteric Christianity here.

7 on Sunday
Reply by John Allan


Feel free to upload important and relevant documents here.

27 Dec 8, 2018
Reply by JWhite

Entheogen Reference Library

A collection of E-Books related to Entheogens

16 May 24, 2017
Reply by a figment


The Freemasonry Forum

2 on Thursday
Reply by Lorraine Boath


The Gnostic Forum

3 Jun 25, 2016
Reply by Stefalakis

Health & Medicine

Discuss Health & Medicinal Issues

17 Jul 16, 2018
Reply by neophyte


The Hinduism Forum

6 on Sunday
Reply by John Allan


Have any bold ideas? Post them here

25 on Friday
Reply by shorinjin

Kabbalah (Qabala)

The Kabbalah Forum

9 on Friday
Reply by Blaze

Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dreaming Forum

11 Nov 6, 2017
Reply by Shawna Marrie


The Magic/Magick Forum

26 Nov 23, 2018
Reply by sav

Modern Science

Discuss science's explanations for space, time, light, spirit, etc...

18 Dec 29, 2017
A brane thesis (Big Bang thesis) derived from "Sefer Jetzira" (Kabbalah)
by Hubert Rehberger

News & Current Affairs

Discuss News & Current Affairs

16 Oct 17, 2018
Reply by sav

Novus Ordo Seclorum

The New World Order, its purpose & implications

15 on Friday
Reply by Blaze


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