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I'm Eulie, 

I'm really excited to be here  and honoured to be at one with you. 

i see me and you 
i see me in you 
i see you in me
cause we are one
And one we are 

we are one 
beyond the forces that keep us apart 
beyond the flesh, 
the bones,
and things well seen

We are one
beyond the programs of the mind
beyond what we believe to be known, 
to be real, 
and things of truths 

We are one 
through this paradox of reality 
through this haluccination of equality
through this dream of projections 
through this visual of the conscience 
we are one
And one we are 

i see you in me
i see me in you 
i see me and you 
cause we are one
And one we are

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I personally would rather be Whole with you than One.

Welcome onboard, I just got here recently myself.
nice 2 meet you

What the difference ? there can only be one whole...
Hello :)
One experiences one thing, all the same, entirely. I don't feel like I have the same experiences as you, or the same progress in my life-process. One is simply one thing.
But Whole is an intimate loving connection that is fundamental to our existence that connects us as individuals.

It's hard to articulate. But I feel it to be a very naturalistic approach to our relationship. We are brothers and sisters, and our concern shouldn't always be with eachother but that love will always be there for when our paths cross.
I hear you, when i was writting that piece I was thinking of One is a sense of humanity as a whole, I was thinking of qualities that people share and how one can identify a trait they like or don't like simply cause they do/dont like it in themselves i.e selfishness or honesty.

In my experience I have found that it is impossible to feel the same as anyone or have the same progress as anyone as we perceive and interpret things differently but as a whole in terms of humanity what we go through is the same from a birds eye view . 1 is a whole number and = 0
Remember that you are me.
I am you.
We are none.
=) that i will imprint on to my memory


We are one. Truly! The same in all aspects, and also different, which makes us the same! Welcome!

Hi everyone. This is well written in fact. The whole world is absolutely subjective. It's just my world. Every person. Only then does a person have the right to correct any mistakes and remove any problems. State of integrity and unity. If you are interested, you can download and read three chapters from my book in English. There in detail

Our only separation is attachment, me thinks.


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