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A crisis of asceticism and chastity and a triumph of hedonism

Seeing a spirituial sitution in the Western world, I would say that traditions of asceticism and devoted chasity and virginity being popular in the West during whole Medieval period are almost exinct. Contrary, five millions ascetic (sadhu) reside in India. It was a custom in ancient time that old people retreated to monastery and devoted themselves to God or they became hermits. That custom was practiced in  the West, in Russia, in India. Nowadays, it's practiced in India only. Today's Western old people enjoy their life, they drink wine and they are well-dressed and perfumed. Pope Francis has said about crisis of monasticism in the West. Also crisis is being endured with monasticism in Russian Orthodox Church. I would to see your comments. This cheerless situation is being apprehended as alarming by me 

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