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Unlike most posters here who seem to have a good grasp of what the Esoteric is, I admittedly have no idea. I generally stick to the Pagan communities, as I am a Celtic Pagan (for details or explanation just ask). However, I am most assuredly open minded and always seeking to learn from other people and paths. Something about this site called to me, piquing my interest enough for me to join. I really do not know what I am doing, but I am hoping to grow spiritually, expand my knowledge and make friends along the way. Hopefully I am still welcome here despite my ignorance and uncertainty.

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Welcome to eo.

Thank you! I'm still getting settled and looking around. :)

Hi, I'm new here too. In the aspect of welcoming in our oneness no matter what our path, I want to encourage you to open yourself with wisdom seasoned with discernment. You are no more and no less than the best of us. And we are no greater along our path than the newest initiate if we judge. We're all in steps of remembering who we are, and we are all one.


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