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I elaborated a hypotesis regarding Astrology, based on morphic fields. Since I am not an astrologer, these documents are no use for me and therefore I will delete them by the end of this month. But before I do this, I want to place them online here. If somebody likes to read them, you can download and use them as you like.

The hypotesis consists of 5 documents:
1 – Hypothesis regarding morphic fields/Astrology (~90 pages)

2 – Case Example Chrohn´s Disease, born July 1971 (~16 pages)

Important update on the Crohn´s Disease case:  
The subject (burn July 1971) had a again an unexpected acute relapse.  
The person collapsed (26.02.2017, 06:30 in the morning - CET) and was therefore brought into hospital on the 27.02.2017 where he had to undergo surgery again (additionaly parts of the guts were removed).
surgery took place on:
1.March 2017 in Vienna/Austria. I am an astrological layman but I hypotesize that the orbiting Rahu and its square to the birth saturn of the subject forced again effects of "morphic resonance" with the psychosoma of the person. 

Additionaly on the 26th of February a solareclipse took place. Since I assume that the orbiting Rahu causes relapses, the solar eclipse (which took place on the same day where the person collapsed) could also play an additional influence, because according to my thoughts, the neutrinos of the sun suddenly get the information of the moon and transferes it down to earth, where it influences the psychosoma of people. 

3 –
unified view on Astrology and Astronomy
(~14 pages)

4 – Working hypothesis (2 pages) and Proposal for testsetups
(4 small documents, each ~4 pages) in order to measure the influence of a solar-eclipse on biophotons of plants/minerals

5 – Cosomogony of tidal cycles within plants (~16 pages)
(a hypothesis about: Gravitiy, Conciousness - the "spirit in matter")

The main part of the hypothesis is about "neutrinos of stars" (Trident of Shiva) and hypothetical particles of physics, called: magnetic monopole (TaiJi, Shakti) and dark matter (Pakua, Shiva). 
So far modern science did not find magnetic monopoles, but I hope that they will in early future.

willing !

best regards,

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Nobody is perfect ;-)

I found a small inconsistancy in chapter: magnetic monopols, in document: morphic_field_hypothesis_final

I completely rejected the idea of parallel universes and replaced it by thinned out monopoles and Branes. I additionally added an explanation which shows the evolutionary process of magnetic monopoles during the Big Bang in form of the World-Tree or Kabbalah-Tree.

The updated chapter (2 pages) is attached.



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