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In the midst of life, language is the tool we use to think and communicate. But have we become attached to this tool? If I were to ask you to describe something without using adjectives, is it difficult? When you are sick, how do you describe that? Would you say you feel “bad”? Well, to believe something is bad implies that the opposite thing would be good. If being sick “bad”? Is being not sick “good”? Why? Whats wrong with being sick? Whats so great about not being sick? Sick, not sick. Dead, alive. Violence, peace. Tired, energized. Are any of these things “good” or “bad”? I would argue that no noun can be tied down by a adjective. A sickness is a sickness. If you say it is “bad”. If you try to run from negative things and chase the positive things: then suffering will always exist. Harmony happens when the resistance to the sickness is gone. If you are sick, be sick. If you are not sick, be not sick. It only causes suffering because it is labeled as bad. But you cant be healthy if you dont get sick. You cant die if you dont live. All things depend on all other things to exist. Good and bad. If one can accept what is happening in their life, if one can be truly content with and not resistant to suffering: than it is no longer suffering. For whether you are happy or sad, bored or joyful, healthy or still are. You are. And thats all you ever will be and always have been. You are, I am, sickness is, murder is, anger is, sadness is. Adjectives get in the way of truth. The truth that you are.

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You have a point. Our goal is to be unconditional. The moment we use an adjective to describe something, it becomes conditional. We honor a thing by giving it attention.

I've thought about this a lot since I read this meditation. I do see your point. I was raised as a writer, told that the pen likes me, but I find the longer I am chained to these gifts the more I lob the internal tennis ball around the playing field of silence, language, meaning and the emotive spaces in and around forms of expression. There is no net in that analogy. There are no adjectives in this response. So far.There is also no way that I want to "chat" online anymore, because as a form of conversation it undermines the tone of my voice, no matter how stripped of old linguistic qualifications the typed phrases are in their bite-sized format. The truth is: my feelings are far more sublime and unconditional than my words. However, unconditional and sublime are descriptives too, so you see I really am better off saying nothing. However, I am not sorry I honored your piece with more words. Telepathing this would not have worked.


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