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A philosophy rpg game - I need test players and feedback

I was planning to make a blog for my theory but i found that writing in order is not suitable for my type.

So i made a game.

It contains first explanation part of a huge theory that can explain many mechanics of the universe. As the character discovers the game map you will find more connections to real life and some metaphysic theories. The part i am making now will touch general occult paths more and the whole theory may inspire some aspects on your inner world.

-Name of the game is 'Conexus Essentia' and it needs no gaming background to play.

-You will be the first tester so i know it has long way to go.

-Don't care about my English. If you understand what i said, it will be enough for me.

-I need whatever you can say as a feedback. I am open for any comments.

To obtain my game just mail your email address to "" and i will add you to the dropbox so you can download.

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I wanna try the game you made I'll email ya my email


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