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Hello all i am starting thid discussion to get a general idea of how a seeker should start there to know what there strengths/gifts and what for of study would best fit them.this is important to me as i gotten to that fork in the road and i am very unsure what to do next,what to study next and whether i am in need of a mentor.all advice and opinins will be greatly appreciated.thank you all in advance and my god bless us all

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Hi Joshua,

On my web page I offer two free booklets. I would like to send you Booklet #36 "The Spiritual Path Part I - Stages of the Path" and Booklet #37 "The Spiritual Path Part II - Guidance on the Path. Just send me an email with your email address and I'll attach the two booklets free in an email for you. I hope they offer some help for you.


@anton ty my freind those words are so true...that very notion is what inspired this journey and @norma i will email you shortly. Ty hoth so very much
@anton i find i have an interest in qaballah and the tarot...i love the psychological aspect of well as the gnostic works....but being mostly self learned im afraid ive only scratched the surfaces of these schools of thought.than i begin to question my interpretation and since i kno no one with a like mind i think im just stuck...thats what brought me to this site
Ty im sure i will find them here.what i was actually referring to is like minded ppl around me such as freinds or family,of which none think like me thts y i came here and im sure just as u said i will find them here thank you very much anton for all of your insight
Hey Josh,
I guess the only advice to give is to follow your heart. Only You will know what teachings really speak to you at the deepest level, and what feels 'right' for you, keep searching/keep reading. Be wary of those who claim they can 'show you the way'. There is no one correct path, all roads lead to Truth. It is in you, only you can find it. If you set your intention, the rest will happen- you will move towards it. Don't follow, navigate your way. Walking a path is simply a case of putting one foot in front of the other. You will get there, you may even already be closer than you think.
Thank you grant!!!

I have been working with the I Ching for a long time. It was there at the start and I'm still learning from it here in the vast middle. The translation used by this website is the freshest take I've seen on the Taoist classic in a long time. If for some reason you asked the oracle, "where do i begin?" and it gave you hexagram #3 "Difficulty at the Beginning" (water over thunder), the approach taken by the answer here has a modern positivity that is doing well for me at this stage. The rest of the site is wonderful and offers good insight into the Tao Te Ching. 


It has Tarot and Dream options, a sweet menu for anyone with beginner's mind.

Nice ty both i appreciate It i will definitely give it a look


Keep taking one step at a time. The path is truly a journey.  There is no right or wrong....all experiences and knowledge will be valuable.  Reading and learning is very important, but true wisdom comes from experience and will usually encompass many disciplines.  Find a class, seminar, ceremony or a place of worship that encompasses your current core interests.  Participate.  It will help you to find people of like mind and open doors to new opportunities and mentors.  This place is a good start!  Most importantly, know that your desire to know powerful.  Expect your mentor around every corner, in every person you meet.  Connect with your life on a metaphysical level and look for the deeper meanings it will naturally manifest in your life.

This is the REAL adventure!  


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