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A VERY interesting read that I came across today on scribd

I am just a few pages in but I could not ignore this. Isn't this everything that we have learned more or less about how they are using all of us? (rhetorical question really)

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A shorter version i came accross a while back :)

for making yourself a demonic vampire? the author of this book is talking about living off of other people's energy and living off of sheeple in general

lol...this is some dangerous crap you shouldnt try then!...I glanced thru it and saw sexual energies which you can manifest with sigils! But then here are techniques which can disble someone physically and mentally.

          Anything you try can hit you back three fold. Especially energies such as your root chakra hitting your oppponent's third eye. Thats some serious stuff woman stay out of it :)

  Check this out rather!

Ohh lol trust I'm not going anywhere near it. I'm appalled by what I have read so far.

                Most of the things what he mention is pure experimental and is not truth. Usually energy vampires would gain power for a short time and become weak after a while and they need to keep doing it to gain power. Some people unconsciously suck your energy without intention and even they might not be aware of what they are doing but just answering their questions or agreeing to them or working for them your energy might will be drained.

          The most important thing is our unconscious mind attracts those which we find interesting in the conscious level. So it is very important to shield yourself with light whether be your interests activities and your search for knowledge. These things certainly would seem interesting but the deeper you get into it or any other occult or esoteric teachings by any self based master you will learn it's a waste of time because its doesn't resonate with you. It is something what he thinks of it as truth and will keep you searching for answering in doubt in similar subject matters.

         Therefore it is important to be your own light or stay closer to religious texts closer to truth. We have already attracted this subject subconsciously and i hope we dont suck each others energies in this matter anymore...hahaha. Shield yourself with Love n light!.Have a good day Nicole:)

thanks, you too!


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