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I would like to discuss an issue called Abstinence-only sex education. I know this practice is supported by many Americans while it's criticized in Europe. What do you think of it? I would like discuss it in both esoteric and exoteric aspects    

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I certainly would like to get in the same room with any quorum of Americans who support abstinence-only sex education. We could share the quality and frequency of our sexual relations through life, as well as the various causes and dispositions that go with abstinence. It should go without saying that these are reasonable avenues of discussion among people who promote any concept of sex education. Given enough time and openness and good will, we all could learn something about how we function in society. Sure, I'm open to this discussion. Other people will have to comment before I commit myself to any more language on the topic.

In your opinion, why does Europe reject Abstinence-only sex education? I read that one American pastor had visited UK for propagation of Abstinence-only sex education but his ideas were being rejected by British as utopian ones

They would be rejected for being unnatural. People going through puberty are the last to be expected to deny their hormonal urges. The term "Eros" - life - and the erotic tradition that one could associate with a European aesthetic/morality are not quite the same thing, and this is where the abstinence-only vision could be deemed utopian. It's as if a world of angelic sex would be utopian too! Both sides of the discussion are - in general, I'm sure there are exceptions - stuck with a kind of loathing of the body and deeper purpose of orgasm that nips many a tender victory in the bud.

People who refine their sexual urge into monasticism, asceticism, or some other form of noble celibacy are taking a position like anyone else in a moral order that is altogether confused about how pleasure, morality, reproduction and other belief systems interrelate. This is quite different than schools taking an approach intended to lead young people away from the degrading aspects of sexuality.

I am sure there are certain teachers from either position who I would trust with children, and many others who I would not, again, more to do with how they integrate standard biases into their overall imparting of wisdom ... than with the fear of sex that is prevalent in our world, no matter what the educational remedy appears to be.


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