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You can coast all the way down the Highway To Hell,

but it takes effort of body, heart, mind and soul to climb the Stairway To Heaven.


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Zep all the way!


How concise! 

The two bands are linked first and foremost by The Monster Riff - blues as advanced by UK/Australian Rock Monster Masters. And indeed, more people in the world today recognize either of them than ... Bob Dylan. And Dylan would agree with what you've said here. AC/DC are comedians. The Sublime Led Zeppelin grin and bare it, but if one were to do a satire skit, they'd be taking themselves, y'know, very very seriously

Bands are linked first and foremost... Alpha and Omega. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Grin and bare it, kinda like the Joker - he took himself very, very seriously. The joker or the fool? Everybody is a comedian.

Recognise either of them than .... Bob Dylan - love it. Just Bob and his red guitar... and 3 chords. :-)

Thanks for your comment Sav.

God is within you.



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