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Hello:)  My name is Kali and I am brand new to this site.  I know my higher self has to receive the credit for my discovery of this amazing Esoteric site.  The knowledge that I am receiving here is furthering me on this fools journey I have embarked upon.  I do feel as if I am an infant that is thirsting for more and more knowledge.  I would love to have information on how to properly activate my DNA for this coming ascension.  So if anyone has any videos or websites that have worked for them I would greatly appreciate it if you do share:)  Thank you so much, much love to each and everyone of you.  God bless:)

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Your DNA is already "activating" if your higher self has brought you to research esoteric topics. Things like meditation and a clear mind will accelerate it, but the true activation comes from letting go of your ego and living life to serve your higher self humbly. Your are on the right path, keep searching and remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Dustin is giving you great advise here. Welcome to this party. The mere fact that you are here was meant to be. Open your mind, meditate and express yourself. You and your writings are valuable as much or more than what you learn from others. A true heart is all you need. Listen to it.


Thank you so much, very confirming of what I already felt.  I was just mislead by a site that seemed to be more interested in maximizing profit than spreading knowledge on this shift of consciousness.  Continue to follow my intuition while keeping a clear mind and meditating is the true way.  Thank you for the support:) Much love



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