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An Esoteric discussion of the Chemical Elements

I don't believe I've seen this sort of thing around and I have the desire to share my speculations and hear your own! Allegories in chemistry! I'll begin with some things to give some context but it is by no means a limitation. Please, share your ideas to help the depth of this discussion grow and we may find a way to express the elements in their esoteric natures. If we must come to conventional scientific jargon that's absolutely fine but I'd like to challenge it to see if we can find its parallel somewhere, somehow.


I have for a while been looking at various elements trying to find some connection and basis as to why one thing is such a way. For example, what is so similar between copper and silver that makes them prime conductors of electricity yet silver is better and as far as I know, does not repel magnetism like copper does. And on that note, why do copper, zinc, and aluminum repel magnetic fields and have a similar respective strength of conductivity?


Just now I am looking at the periodic table provided by a Google Chrome app called ChemReference, which provides an interactive chart as well as a bohrs model of each element. It's fascinating to me as some of these diagrams reveal a geometry (I'm aware that this is a primitive perspective of electron shells). The image for Sulfur seems to reveal an astonishing resemblance of either the alchemical glyph for the same material or a star tetrahedron. 


Another interesting note is the solfeggio numbers which, apart from the musical frequencies for healing, seem to always go in hand. By this I mean that I always see 1, 4, and 7's together in a combination or hidden manner. Same for 2,5,8 and 3,6,9. This is relevant because I was studying the 528Hz and it's relationship to DNA. I don't recall much of it now or how it was connected (should've been documenting it) but I discovered that there may be a connection with the element Phosphorous.

Phosphorous has an electron configuration of 2, 8, 5 which is a Solfeggio tone. This element plays a big part in our DNA - it's the outer part of the structure in the form of phosphates. It gets it's name from Greek meaning 'Light-Bearer'. In Latin, 'Lucifer'. If you look at the Bohr's image of the electron shells for this guy, it looks like a pentagram (the app shows it upside-down how funny!).

In the form of White Phosphorous it is subtly oxidizing and emitting a greenish glow from the reaction, yet it burns WHITE! I found a list of phosphor based LEDs (somewhere on the web) stating the excitation wavelength at 516.2 nanometers, emission maximum at 657.5 nm, relative intensity at 100%, and half value width at 86.5 nm (No I don't really understand what this all means but I felt I should include it as well.)

Now, I had an incomplete process of converting sound frequency into light wavelength which I performed for 528 Hz. It's incorrect because I didn't actually use a unit of length like I should've but I got an interesting number which began this whole search...

299,727,738/(528*2^40)=5.162~ 516.2 nm (Color is GREEN)

speed of light at earth's surface divided by (528Hz times 2 to the 40th power)

So even though I messed up with my unit types, I had found a correlation (realistic or not) between solfeggio, color, esoteric wisdom and allegory, and DNA.

Please don't feel obliged to make this discussion solely regarding this post but throw in your perceptions and thoughts! What have you discovered? What have you pondered?

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Chemicals are essentially like lite brites or unique manifestations of energy following specific patterns. This gives rise to both form and function. Cymatics describes and can make visible those invisible patterns.

Metatrons cube contains the archetypal geometry for the solfeggio. This energy suspended in form manifests as electromagnetic energy. It resonates in harmonics and thus we have both microcosm and macrocosm duly manifest.

Hermes is the messenger of the Gods as well as the Alchemist. Both functions describe the actions of chemicals. Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayruveda, the Doctrine of Signatures, the Humors, and Shamanic Wisdom all represent Asciples (spelling may be off) who is the God of Medicine and Healing. Both Gods carry a Serpent on a rod. The rod represents control and the Serpent is Energy.
DNA serves as the blueprint or source code for the symphony of harmonics that manifest form and function for all Life the same way a Crystal or metal or other substance manifests according to a single geometric pattern. Water for example is H2O.

Water in it's constituent elements is -- hydrogen the Fire Element - which makes up the Sun, and oxygen the Water Element - which is necessary for fire to exist. Yet combined chemically, hydrogen and oxygen added to a fire will extinguish it.

Carbon has 8 electrons. 8 is the number of the star tetrahedron which represents form in its simplest manifestation: the carbon atom or Earth Element.

Nitrogen is Neutral and has a base number of 7. It is the Element of Air.
Consider the relationship between the alveoli in your lungs and the underside of tree leaves in their exchange of chemicals as we breathe and our invisible connection to them. Consider in the body: iron, sulfur, phosphorus, hydrochloric acid etc.

Each atom resonates to a specific frequency and can be transformed by changing its resonant frequency just like celestial patterns of planetary harmonics.
Carbon is 6 sorry.

Thanks for connecting those elements to the classical elements. It makes sense that hydrogen is fire, oxygen is water, carbon is earth, nitrogen is air. So, what would be akasha/ether? According to the bhagavad gita there are 9 total elements being [earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, false ego, supreme truth] the last element comprising all the living entities.

It is the hydrogen ions (basically a proton) that are the movements in acid-base reactions. Both of which burn like hell the stronger they are. Would the ingis aqua (firewater)/alkahest then be hydroxide? It's name is basically translatable to the other.

So, Michael John, have you ever heard of Pier Luigi Ighina? This is the Rex Research page on him and describes what you are essentially saying about each thing having its own resonant frequency.


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