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Greetings! You can call me Thingstuffs or Reagan. Either is fine. I recently found this website and it seems like a really great place to deepen my study of the universe and meet some cool people. I'm an artist, writer, musician, and Tarot reader and I'm really interested and getting more into channeling. I believe I'm also a starseed with likely connections to Arcturus and Sirius. If anyone could offer a bit of guidance or just friendly conversation to this germinating seed I would really appreciate it.

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Hi there, welcome to the site! I'm in a pretty similar position, actually. I dabble in writing and music myself, and I recently joined this site to explore a burgeoning connection with spirits. If you're looking for more info on channeling (or anything really), you should check out the library. It's got all sorts of texts from different traditions on different subjects. There's also the mystery school with portals for different esoteric traditions. Hope to see you around!

Hello! I have looked at some of these resources a bit, but not really dived in just yet. The path portals seem kind of amazing. Definitely something to make walking a particular path much less confusing.

Hey awesome to see you here fellow artist!!! I hope you like it, there is a creativity group here that you can use to share your art and an extensive library too

I am also into divination, have worked with tarot for years. 

I may have to check out the creativity group and see what some of the other mystically inclined artists are getting up to. 


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