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Sharing here of an experience obe projection. Sharing of the heart: Its like a story from a novel. I have shared this to only few...Though to all on this forum please enjoy: I have much to share as I flick thru area's and things that come to mind I will share: Thankyou

Around 3 years back

My family and I stayed at an old cottage motel in Burleigh Gold Coast Qld...opp the beach. My family wanted to give me a break from work: That night I went to bed in my daughters bed as she kept calling out so I put her to bed with my wife: As I started to fall off to sleep I felt a presence coming then I hear that bouncing ball sound again. I felt something push me up from the of my back...Like a ball...then I am out...I am floating, then I zoom off into a wall which I am then in my old home where I grew up. I walked thru the house thinking why am I here or is this a dream....? I walk out to the kitchen wanting to open the back door....I open it and step onto the small patio step....I am looking at space...the house is floating in space...I look over the step I see a Hu of light coming from below..I felt the need to jump, but something inside said not yet. Then I am back in my self...I open my eyes and sit up in bed in the dark going over what just happened...that was no dream...then I thought if that was real then it should happen again....I wanted to jump into the Hu..if its real...Then I lay back down..within a few minutes I hear that ball again and pushed me out...I went back into the wall seeing timber inside the wall then I am back in the house: There are others there I a gathering a greeting support; I walk past them and a urge to open the door and this time I jumped into the HU; I began to float down I am in blu sky and clouds... I see below a field and forrests.. As I move down I float into grassy field surrouded by a stone wall approx 6 feet high and 360.

Beyond the wall is a forrest sloping up 45 degree's...Why am I here? Then in the distance I see a rider on a horse riding up the forrest approx about 500 feet away...Then I feel words sensation knowing what to do: I am asked to show them my abilities.....I raise my right arm and I knock the rider off the horse:....from that distance. As the rider rolled and rolled then he jumped up onto his feet and ran down towards me. He jumped up onto the stone wall...It wasn't a man....It was a large owl....large as me....I hear words....YOU PASS..then I lifted my arms and moved up...As I floated up the owl flew around me then another came, both flying around me. Then I am back inside my self. I sit up in bed going over it......Gee, I felt a test that I just went thru. When morning came I awoke thinking about earlier.....I looked towards the area I flew into....It was a mirror:

 I know this is connected to something with other dreams associated, like being in a school except we do different things there....Amazing place I always thought they were just dreams from since a kid.  One day I went to SEE a movie called Harry Potter...Well it reminded me about this place I go to at times....Then it came,,,The writter. I don't know about her experiences but I guess she may have a good imagination...MAYBE:







I know of this place and by the way, where are you? My daughter had almost died years back as a young teen, she was in coma 3 months, when she awoke  she talked of this very place.... VIVIDLY 


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