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i'm sure everyone here knows of the philosophers stone, if not it is an 'object' with much confusion and debate surrounding it..however the debates have died down and now it is condensed to dreams desire and magick. it has many other names: elixir of life, fountain of youth etc.

what started me on this journey was the text "The book of Aquarius" (anonymous) which is a pretty fantastic and easy to read breakdown of this man's interpretation of how to make this thing. there is also a forum where the author and many of the books' readers are actually making it as instructed. path halted when i discovered no one had finished or ingested/practiced with it.. now i have started a different path, along the lines of hermetic alchemy and modern magick. just interesting and trying to find the relativity of all this. my partner is feeling much more 'bold' with the concept than i do and has found this:
i encourage you alchemists and limit-pushers to read through this website, it is offering something very powerful although it is not a negative oriented feel. it feels genuine. i'm sure i will update this with more info on ormes as it is the epitome of what the alchemists wanted to achieve (in my eyes i have a lot of learning to go and need your opinions too) hopefully some of this interests you, and you can share your insights on using monoatomic elements to heal gaia!

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So very peculiar I just watched something about O.M.E.S. and it had much of that information. It is supposed to be what is called 'the tree of life' in Hebrew...but the documentary I watched asserted that our DNA was tampered by aliens called Annunaki you may have already heard this but apparently they were enslaving us and making us mine specifically for monoatomic gold to help sustain their own life. Interesting at the very least. There must be something to those O.M.E.S. though. I'm interested to hear more.

yes i have heard this and isn't it just insane how connected it is? there is an important truth humanity needs to know, hidden behind all the smoke and mirrors. the stories we've been told, tales passed down all of it is indeed connected to our history, aliens, gold? we will see :) thank you for input alexis! it's gotten me thinking, again!

Ooh I'm gonna have fun looking through this! I've only briefly heard of monoatomic elements before. Even that if you microwave glass bottles you can precipitate gold when it melts. Idk how true it is, but I want to try it someday xD

how odd, it would be worth a try. :P hope you enjoyed! thank you for your post

I bought one bottle of ORMUS from, I was not sure I believed it would work and I do not understand how it works, but I think it did. I did not get younger but it felt good and my brain started working better. Or perhaps I got out of a trance of some sort. Anyway, I liked it and intend to try it again later.

well thank you for that, it's always good to hear of other people's results! i have not tried ormus yet, but the colloidal silver does (in my opinion) pretty much the same thing you described, maybe to a lesser extent or not as powerful. but still very interesting. :) how long did you end up taking it for?

Is not the philosopher's stone an alegorical reference to a process which vivifies the astral body to a greater composition of light/akasa composition which when combined with an adept magicians knowlege allows him to exist on any realm of creation as long as he so chooses? I would love to say that i have accomplised this alas i have not. From my studies this is all i have come to beleive the meaning of, or what the stone is, and i am yet unsure because this is just supposition or personal inference. I would love to be shown truth by a true adept, but i, as far as i know, have never met one. I also beleive that the physical transmution of elements is possible. As above so below.

Interesting, I will have to explore this!

good to be aware that many "gold extract" products may in fact be quite harmful (neuro-toxin) regardless of whatever awesome PR is attached to them by those handing them out....

unless one wishes to be the alchemists guinea pig that is.

But there are no doubt some things to find out there that are made with ethic, knowledge and above average common sense.

I figure the transmutation takes place inwardly, from the food/drink/vices we consume. A physical elixir is cool, but doesn't resonate with me (probably because I don't see much discipline involved, and I equate discipline with mastery)


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