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Welcome to a discussion with the aim of decoding the biblical language. Drawn from the Torah, the nature of the teaching becomes a bit more clear than the re-interpreted version found in the Christian Old Testament.

With only one elevated thought you may recognize that all these stories represent the stages of pattern development, starting with the coarsest outline in the first six days. These are the key to understanding the general systems not just for creation itself, but also to recognize how the Torah/Bible reflects them.

Qaballah offers the first hints to recognizing these patterns by emphasizing numerological aspects in the writings.

Six letters to the first word (בראשית ,Hebrew for "in-the-beginning")

Six words for the first phrase (בראשית ברא אלוהים (את) השמים ואת הארץ )

Six days for "all of" creation.


This concept reflects the fractal nature of it all, the nesting system, how one nature is expanded upon, never betraying itself from dimension to dimension, but adding definition. The little article in the very center of it "את" is the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet (א =Aleph and ת =Tav). This led to the idea that the first thing created was not heavens and earth, but actually letters or words for that matter. The bible leaped over all of this and concluded that first there was the Word.  I argue that it refers more to the Alpha and Omega, which is the Greek first and last letter, which refers to beginning and end, which in turn hints at two aspects of existence; finality, but also the circle or loop. "The last will be first". Thereby giving two crucial pieces of information in the center of the first phrase; Creations central concept was finality and as such a loop, since ultimately Infinity moves on and this stage of "Being" is like a loop within Infinity.


We could have countless discussions on each stage/day of creation, taking apart what is really being described, but I want to leap to yet a higher dimension by going straight to the "Trees".


What is a tree conceptually? A tree is a structure, starting from a root over a trunk into branches and so forth. Within the coarse elements are yet finer structures, like the veins on the leaves for example and the many subsystems that go through the whole of the tree. It is a brilliant visualization of a complex structure. Hence the "Tree of Life" we find illustrated by the Qaballah, but also directly mentioned in the Torah/Bible.


This illustrates the blank structure of the tree of life. One curious aspect of it may be that the root here in fact represents Earth, which reaches up to the crown in the heavens. This is the tree that WE see, as we are on Earth and ultimately reach up to the heavens from where we are. That the conception of it and thereby the order of its creation started from the crown (Kether) is foreign to us with our mundane perception and the state of our intuition as we are alive. But once we reach deeper, we realize that the tree itself receives its substance from the air, splitting carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air and thereby in some sense also grows from above. But that would also be a little bit of hair splitting, I know.


When Genesis tells us that God has planted many trees in the Garden, I propose that this refers to many different structures for the various elements or subjects within existence. Chief of them, really, is the Tree of Life.

The Garden of Eden is all of existence, holding all the trees.

Paradise is within the Tree of Life. 

Earth is the root from which the tree is meant to reach back up and connect to the Infinite. Whereby this is quite a bit more complicated.


This is a discussion, because there are great many details that feature into the whole code and it is very difficult for one person alone to decipher them all and keep them in context.

I've covered coarsely a good amount more than this, but it is about clarifying the fine aspects to really get a proper picture of it all. This is why I am starting with the trees. Pick up your Torah or Old Testament, but I really, really recommend Torah, and carefully read into  Genesis (Bereishis)! Maybe together we can really figure it out again.

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I see, this appears to be either a bit inaccessible, too biblical or somehow not quite inspiring enough to lead to some engagement. That's not uninteresting in itself to me and I acknowledge. It would've been nice to get at least some reaction, though. Feel free to let me know what you're thinking, even at the risk of me getting hit over the head.

To add a little bit of excitement to it, I just thought about the Snake, which somehow still seems to be an elusive symbol. Just today it came to me that the snake may well be a visualization of the process behind directed coagulation within Chaos. Meaning; in pure chaos, undetermined all and thereby nothing (to our imagination), manifests into form purely by generic trait, it curdles as it gathers only to itself that which becomes mass. But if a guiding mechanism, Wisdom, comes into it, those lose curdles rather form a tube or worm that winds through "space" with Will. This then resembles mostly a Snake. Thereby, as Blavatsky writes in her "Secret Doctrine", the Snake is also called "The Wisdom of Chaos", being the "Dragon of Wisdom".

I imagine that the idea of the Snake curling along the Tree of Life, illustrating the order by which one traverses through the various paths between the Sephiroth, describes how Wisdom finds Order out of Chaos. Or in order to lead from nothing to everything and back the primordial soup of all becomes pulled into form like a snake, who's motion from one revelation to the next turns more and more into the physical manifestation we experience. And on its tail we will travel back to the source into the unmanifest, delivering another link to Infinity.

This snake is not to be touched until such time when our physical form has fulfilled its duty. Being on the back of this snake equates to the departure from physical being. To prevent premature departure we are to step on its head, denying ourselves this journey before we have completed our task or mission. To permit such close contact with it would likely result in its bite and so forth...cutting short one journey and leading to the unpleasantness of a restart from scratch, so to say, or where ever this life of ours had been given its intermediate purpose. This is not punishment, but consequence.

Likewise, of course, the Snake was leading Eve and Adam to proceed down to the next level of manifestation.

THANKS, Blaze, that's a wonderful reaction! I realize that I've been racing ahead on my own there and leave this trail of ideas behind that aren't exactly something easy to jump onto. I hope I can manage to formulate some of the key ideas properly enough so that it becomes possible to catch up. The biggest trouble is, that I really can't know, if I'm truly on the right track with all of this, but I do firmly believe there's a lot to it, even if details may be off or it's all still rather coarse. But that's exactly why I've started this discussion.

Let me know, if there's something I might be able to try to clarify. Maybe something I might even be able to visualize to some extend. That could be exciting, too.

Anyway, you're making me already very happy. I'm humbled by all sorts of natures displays. Today we found a beautiful butterfly, who's body was eaten away, but wings and torso were still perfectly preserved. Sounds a bit morbid, but it gives another opportunity to marvel at the stunning complexity and beauty of even just a small creature, designed to function in ways that we only can perceive as gorgeous before we know more and even after.

I've also always loved to be near trees. To me they are born older than a human life cycle and trust consciously, intrinsically in the divine method that gave them being. As such they remind us of trusting in it, too.

A little confusion.

So, Abel cares for the flesh, being a shepherd, while Cain cares for the fruit or plant.

Wouldn't that indicate that Abel is the one, who wants to go down into denser manifestation, while Cain is the one to care for things that grow up, out of the ground?

And why is it Seth, who eventually replaces Abel, while the name Seth is the origin of Sethan, later Satan. And it is the trademark of Satan to crave physical manifestation.

Cain, thereby, being the opposite of it, would obviously thrive upwards, dualistic in mind, representing luciferian traits, which seek to leave the flesh for higher illumination.

Biblically speaking, this would have Cain defy the divine plan, as he would not want to go down to "Earth", while Abel would've been overly eager to get down and dirty.

Just some curious contemplations.

Further thoughts on Cain, Abel and the columns on the Tree of Life they may represent or are part of.

Cain, being the first born, would end up on Netzach, if one follows the lightning path down the Tree of Life. Tiphareth holding the Tree of Knowledge from which Eve (Gevurah) eats and shares with Adam (Chesed).

Netzach stands for Victory (well, if killing Abel would be considered as such?) and for Visions of Beauty Triumphant, gazing at beauty as an ideal, the abstract as the winning reward and the superior. Cain was never to be satisfied on Earth, further indicating that his Luciferian nature had him aspire the realms above. But as virtue can turn to vice, the Selflessness that is associated with Netzach may turn into self-denial or the loss of self-understanding as the being we are supposed to be on Earth. Slowly but surely I convince myself that Cain truly does stand for the Luciferian perspective.

Abel, whose later replacement was Seth, subscribed completely to the downward direction he was sent on. While Abel might've still appreciated his creator, Seth appreciated his first directive, which was to go down and "rule the Earth" so to say. It were his children, which would began idol worship, which has its purpose in physical reward of one kind or another. Abel- and thereby Seth?- would sit on Hod, the Sephirah that represents Glory and Visions of Splendor. Whether it would be a spin on words or biased interpretation, Glory and Splendor may be associated with "his" view of life on Earth, highlighting his emphasis on it. Truthfulness is a virtue of Hod, while the vice may be the open conviction to the worship of physicality- arrogance even.

However, the column on which Hod sits also holds Gevurah (severity) and Binah (understanding). All these Sephirod lead downwards and initiate progression toward material manifestation.

The column on which Netzach sits holds Chesed (mercy) and Chokmah (wisdom). All these Sephirod contain and appreciate the wealth of the above. They always receive from their preceding higher levels, therefore looking upwards in some sense.

I really don't know, if anybody reads this with me, still, or even cares about it, but I'm still hoping for a bit of exchange on all this, as I think it is essential to our understanding of western religion. It has its roots deep within the most ancient wisdom, attributed to the very first emergence of our current "root" of civilization. Therefore it may matter for various good reasons. But mostly I just want to crack it, get it and see, if there's something we can learn aside from misconceptions about allegorical history lessons.


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