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 I am beginning this series of links to ways we can heal our heavily ravaged planet. They are not truly political in nature. They are simply programs to raise awareness, hold back the seriously bad by-products of industry as it is now, and to confer on avenues of replenishment.

 To some it would be a presumption that those who crew about spiritual evolution would as well be in favor of alternative solutions to the planet's energy crisis. This is not the case. Just a couple of days ago I chatted with a leading member of our sincere group and learned that he supports XL Keystone. He lives closer to it than I, so who am I to suddenly call him out? Rather, I see him holding this view as a hands-on opportunity for me to love and like better those with whom I disagree on a very fundamental level re how pollution affects the culture and spirit traditions. The crisis is obvious even if we disagree on the science and the amount of human as opposed to other factors in our planet's awesome life. I respect plenty of people on all sides of that issue - again not primarily a political issue, but in the hands of opinion-mongers of various left or right parties, the desperation is enhanced while the best ideas stall.

    These are all international campaigns.  The first is the Leuser, an important rain forest river. The second is a general guide to Greenpeace campaigns. The third is about Coral Reef Conservation. All very dire. I will post more later and hope you do too, as well as take action putting into your own words your vision of things as the opportunities to lobby are diverse.The lines dividing up our oceans are obviously illusory anyway. It's those legal borders dividing countries that need the compassion therapies.

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 This quick correction of "crew" to "care" in the penultimate paragraph. This is one kind of post where one must reread the preview well because it's easier to correct a reply or a blog than a post. Not the time to add more links right now, but this is an op for posting an illustration.


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