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Hello everyone I'm new to this site and am very excited about joining because I feel like this is a place filled with plenty of knowledge and helpful people anyway regarding my first post I will start by saying its been almost a year since I discovered I'm pyrokinetic i can control fire at a certain amount that said I'm very confused on how to go about getting stronger? I've been an empath since I was born I can connect/communicate and bond with animals very fast and can really feel what someone is telling me, when I connect with the flame I feel like we're one I can feel the energy but I'm very confused on how to boost my psychic abilities pretty much I learned how to do this by myself but I know for sure everyone and anyone can do this I'm not special all it takes is practice, concentration and most importantly believe and know that you can , I'm very confused on how it's even possible that I can do this i still find it unreal any help is greatly appreciated I just want to see how much stronger I can get and what the limit is.

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Have you gotten any feedback from people observing you manipulating fire (pyrokinesis)?

If any, what is that feedback?

Thank you. I wish you a great day.

By feedback you mean reactions right? I mostly keep this to myself because really most people will think you're crazy if you tell them you can control fire but I have showed my family and proved it to them by making the chimney crackle and pop with rage then make it calm down again they don't know what to think of it , my mother just told me "stop playing with fire like that it's not good" as my whole family is Catholic (I'm agnostic) I believe she meant it as "don't bring demons/evil spirits to this house" but to me it doesn't feel demonic or Djinn like at all so I just told everyone for my sake of looking"normal" that I would stop but I never stopped I practice whenever I can as I have noticed if you stop for a while you get a bit rusty, I showed only one close friend who I trust and he was in awe I used a candle to demonstrate, i noticed usually people begin with candle flickering for practice but I completely skipped that after mastering it in a day and went straight to practicing with the chimney as I thought it would in time give me more control than others who practice with candles and I was right.
almost forgot thanks for commenting on my post have a great day fellow seeker!

If it were me I would want to understand the mechanisms by which said ability operated (and not necessarily an intellectual understanding). I don't know your best path but I would also think that meditation could be of great use in any case.

Yes that's what I'm trying to do and so far deep concentration is the thing that works best, and yes I tried meditation already because it really helps to focus.

Hello Ivan,

I suggest you contact scientists then work with them. Those scientists can merely be friends you can meet in person. They must stick to the scientific approach during the whole process though. I guess this would help you better understand how your pyrokinetic skill works and how to improve it. Same approach for your other skills.

Regards :)

I don't trust our gov scientists and I know nobody in that field I actually would rather keep this ability to myself and hidden much like real psychics/energy healers I just thought I'd find someone here who would know about sigils or occult hidden knowledge that would boost the fire element.

Glad you've shared this here. I agree that it's good to be cautious about who you go to. You're exploring something, and it's very specific. Yet also part of the larger psychic field that so many of us are involved in in varying ways. My gut advice is to remember to use your powers for the good of all beings. Explore gentle and more general forms of meditation. Ground yourself in a balanced picture, and then return to this gift.

Yes that's why I intend to keep this to myself and fellow seekers, can't be too careful if we were in the 70's I'd already have someone wanting to experiment on me (good example Uri Geller and the CIA experiments) of course any gift should always only be used for good, and I feel like meditation works but not a lot it's purely just concentration of connecting with the flame and predicting it's moves.


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