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Hello all,
I recently started reading dion fortunes mystical qabalah,as of yet its quite interesting. I was wondering what were some of your thoughts on the book itself and if ay of u had any exercises i could do to help practice some of what i may learn from it.thanks all god bless

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Hello Joshua,

It's worth reading her 'stories' 'The Winged Bull'  * uite ( crumb under the kew) enchanting , though in the timbre of 'Miss Marple'.   Her Psychic 'self defense' reads similarly.  It would be worth looking at the Temple of the Golden Dawn.....a kind of Bloomsbury Set of theosophy.  You should look for less well publicised articles by Violet Firth if you want something more 'private'.  The Tree of Life as a *uaballah is there.  Difficult to find a personal first step.  Giggles.  Evidently , Stillness helps some.

Ummm ty...

Ummm...I understand. S'pose I meant...if you want to follow someone elses 'way', then it's a good idea to look at some roots of their thought

I completely understand what you only issue is im pretty new to all of this,so im just tryna find some starting point so i can more fully develop my own philosophies

Really Joshua...don't try; it'll come to you.  Your own philosophies are the main to all of this is the start of any recognise that you can think.  A big step.  Much easier to read a newspaper.

I wasn't being flippant about reading her stories....they really show the way she addressed her beliefs.  Lovely as Dion Fortune is, it's worth being open to other writers..Smiles...even moreso to yourself.

Nice ty very much ill look at several different forms so i could help develop my own ty very much wenx for your kind qords of wisdom..
So I finished mystical qabalah about two months ago and I have to say it was phenomenal,I am noworking reading a garden of pomegranates by regardie and initiation into hermetics by Barton to give me more depth to the qabalah as well as some exercises to begin my journey any one have any good thoughts on path working?
Well you certainly started with one of the best studies in the mystical cabballa with Doin fortunes book. Garden of poms is a good book too. The cabballa is in essence a massive store house of Mystical knowledge and wisdom packed with layer upon layer of information that is unpacked through the process of study upon the trees 10 sepiroth and 32 paths. Path working upon the tree is best done gradually and from malkuth up. Simple meditation upon each sephirot making notes afterwards of thoughts, images and emotions that come up for each one is a good way to begin to develop a personal relationship with the tree. Take a few days for each one and take a break for a few days and compare notes with the books explanations afterwards. It's good when you find that what comes up aligned with what others say, but also you will find more comes up for you than is written. Don't dismiss this just because no one else has written about it, as your personal impressions are more important and just as valid. Ás you with with each one of attention to dreams and also notice how you find things in your day that carry aspects of the sephirot you are working with. The tree reflects all levels of existence from the microcosm physical body to the macrocosm multiverse and all in between.
Also you can start using certain rituals if you desire that help open your conciousness to the mystery. The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is the classic starting ritual along with the middle pillar and each contain initiation and activating keys for commencing the path of the cabbalistic magician.
I can share more on this topic if you wish..Either here or over PM. Ask and I'll answer or if I can't I will direct you to where you can find it.

I thoroughly recommend any of the books by Dion f.. Both the magical and the fictional, as the stories are always packed with magical wisdom.
Ty my freind and yes I would love for u to share more I'm still very much a neophyte in all of this and need a Lil guidance.what would be better for u pm or here on the thread?

Either is fine for me though if we are discussing specific work you are doing and experience you are having is probably best to keep it private to contain the energies you are activating and avoid confusion or contamination from other peoples thought forms. 

Good point let's pm freind
You mentioned barton ..Do you meanFranz bardon?


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