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If god did not love us why are we here?

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God loves us. What is God? Among other things, god is love, making God's love relatively easy to access if the human takes a couple of simple steps. 

I recently wrote a song called "Why We're Here". It does not mention god. This may be because I want it to appeal to atheists as well. Atheists often say there is no god because it  keeps them sane, rationalizes their progress as capable functioning citizens. In the presence of a true believer they often crack a little, maybe reveal a little envy for those idiots who smoke pot. 

Dean thinks that God is so vast that God is beyond ego and thus beyond love. To some that creates a God of the Utterly Indifferent. I don't feel that way. If I didn't sense the creative intelligence all around me - which I admit might be a shallow substitute for whatever god is - i would not be myself.

Dean and i are chatting about this at this very minute. He says,

  • love yes.. But he has no ego..thats hwy he loves us unconditionally and yet allows us to suffer ..he suffers with us..because he is us..

  • 3:08 AM
  • Dean

    we are the product of a vast intelligence inconcievable being..but the ocean is made up of many drops..;) so God has made us in his image..we are made of God

  • <3

I can get behind all that. But to feel the love, you have to feel it. To understand why we're here, you just have to think about it. I know people are prisoners of their psychological traits and formative characteristics, but that hardly justifies thinking that the Creative Force that brought water and air and monkeys and humanity to this planet was not borne of love. 

The answer - or question - does not end here! Indeed, god is as well another world for the infinite, which is the playing field for these measured discussions.  More later!!

Yes. More as in "AMOR".

God not only loves us, god forgives us our mediocrity in the face of such an infinitely strange and colorful home as the cosmos. God knows we're still just beginners, or in puberty if you will.

The phrasing of your question shows such faith disguising itself as doubt. "If god did not love us" - if one can stand to imagine such a thought! - "then why are we here?" That is to say, Since we are here, that god loves us is a reason!


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