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I heard that in ancient times the angels was depicted with 2 faces,one good and one evil..
I have reflected on this in my NWO research.Is it evil i think its both.Haw seen videos of pops talking about the NWO...

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Duality, a basic premise of the Taoist philosophy. While duality is only an aspect of the numerology of taoism (see the Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity), it is one of the most symbolized aspects of Taoism in the form of yin-yang.

The ying-yang sign is itself neither instrisicly good or evil, rather it is representive of the inherant duality of nature, and the concept of cyclicity and change there. The white (yin) and the black (yang) are representative of the polarities of the dualistic relationship. I.e. man/woman, day/night, good/evil, etc... Those polarities manifest themselves in different strengths in all things. Interesting to note that men have some estrogen and women so testoterone in our bodies. Day does not just flip to night and back to day, but rather the sun sets and rises.

'The only constant is change.' This speaks to the above statement. The change in the yin-yang symbol are shown by the curved line inbetween black and white. This line is Chi, and is the driving change in the temporal world. Taoism does little to anthropormorphize symbols whereas many other paths of knowledge do. In Alchemy there is much representation of man and woman uniting. In Masonry there is a white and black pole (forget what these stand for, but interesting).

Now my belief is that dualistic principals are not evil. The 'bad' part comes where knowledge is encoded in the symbols and organizations use these symbols and knowledge for bad purposes. Comments?
Slight digression, but on the topic of waves and manifistation and reality, there is an interesting correlation with quantum entanglement. Some current schools of thought see the universe as a series (some say 11) of strings vibrating. Everything exists as possibilities, and consciousness serves as the function to cause waveform collapse. Rather, the observer causes possibilities to become reality through the faculty of mind. Perhaps the amount of yin and yang... check out Schrodinger's dead cat in a box experiment (think that is it). Cheers!
I rean a very interesting book ones, it was a fictional self biography of Satan..
How things "really" happened,from his point of view. In the book Satan did not consider himself evil.
Not more evil than the rain or the night. In the end of the book he get in to personality problems (like the Guy in fight club" movie") and you understand that god and Satan is one and the same...
In this regard, I think intention is everything...there must be balance for sure, and this concept is embodied in the iconographic image of the YinYang symbol. The whole purpose of a symbol is to speak to the intuitive faculty of the mind so that the concept is grasped without words. Light and dark, cold and hot, male and female, everything on the material plane existing in a state of duality. However, for the purposes of action, here's my favorite (kabbalistic) quote: "Unbalanced mercy is weakness and fading out of the will, unbalanced severity is cruelty and barrenness of Mind". One must be poised in the middle, ready to act in accordance with the circumstances in which one finds oneself, the Ego is what causes us to act in the way that is not in accordance with Nature. When our desires take precedence over what is correct, that is to say, in accordance with the Tao. Definitely useful in the martial arts, example: the martial artist who is able to be freed of the egoic chain will perform with grace and agility that flow from the innermost place of calm and reserve, if he gets angry at his opponent he is likely to use too much force, excess of force will leave residual effects that will rebound on him, causing further loss of balance and poise. Conversely, much could be said of the martial artist who is fearful of his opponent, he is already at a deficit because his mind is not in alignment with the Tao, and hence his performance will be weak and ineffective.
Anybody else notice that the ying-yang wave is contained within a circle, which mathematically represents infinity, a perfectly unbroken constant, without beginning or end (unity)? Duality within unity? 1. Unity + 2. DualIty = 3. Harmony!!!

I agree with you S H... Good and evil are relative to culture anyway, and generally painted as antagonistic. But one could not exist without the other! How about cops and robbers? God (Jehovah, with definable characteristics) and Satan? Duality has to be resolved into harmony or conflict will be ceaseless...

Are peanut butter and jelly enemies or partners? Add a third thing and it's a delicious sandwich! It's up to you!! Ha ha!
Yeah Tom, focusing on one side of the wave leads to imbalance-conflict with it's complement. Now that's evil because it counters nature or THE WAY THINGS HAVE TO BE IN ORDER TO BE-- folly
So is the Shadow government (The NWO), evil ?
Was 9/11 an evil act :-)

9/11 was a natural consequence of Natural Laws, some may call it Karma. by there definition in the Tao Te Ching, Good and Evil are indifferent when seen as deviation from the center. Stay in the center my friend(this was part of the message of all the great sages:Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc...)

The Tai Chi represents the nature of perceptual duality, among other things. I do not disagree with you S H, but When I see the combination of the opposites of the perceptual mind displayed in the Tai Chi I see the Reality of dualistic properties shown as ONE.


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