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Equality In Life

I feel it is a miss fire to focus on how poorly the short are treated or the light weights. Or the girls need more representatives. I think the thing to do is to respect all life! Look at all life with an open mind and heart. This is not a claim of what is , it is a point viewed from my perspective at this time. From what I have tried to “listen” {J Krishnamurti Foundation  } to, I see everything as life, all made of energy, all vibrating to produce a harmonious fabric of cyclical energy, from witch all life takes form. Here it seems that energy as life will not end only change form. As you know not all energy is visually tangible. You may not see the wind but it's energy is not missed in the debris it can move, or blades it can push. It would seem that energy is like a super stem cell that can become anything by its harmonic vibration.

I have also thought about the Energy in thoughts. Like the Imagination is our 6th sense! I think the imagination can enhance, replace and inhibit all the other senses. Life is creation, growing. And if all energy is life, and the universe is expanding, so they say. This would indicate growth in a life form. But I am not sure it would grow as theorized with the BIG BANG. As referred to by the sacred science, as above so below. To this I think they reference to the reoccurring patterns that are found in space and biology. Like Birkeland currents seem like an electric bloodstream of the Universe or Galaxy. Fitting that blood is called plasma, as is a Birkeland current. So by my logic or lack there of, I think the universe is expanding at the speed of thought. Through our focus of thought to co-create our universe, world , life. The energy in thought is as yet unmeasurable to conventional thought. But I think we may have had glimpses of its power. A leading physicist in the research on scalar waves, Prof. Konstantin Meyl. From what I get it is like our thoughts are Scalar waves, and our DNA is like an antenna. Prof. Konstantin Meyl makes reference to how the universe is build up with neutrinos and 2006 Meyl was able to predict an earthquake in connection with a solar eclipse, because he knew of the Moons lens effect focusing of neutrinos. Oops I am rambling some what. The point I am trying to put forth is that all energy in the cosmos is life and it is what we are all made of.

We share this most precious of resources and as we consume other forms of life or energy, we take their life into ours in at the very least a symbiotic way I feel. We drink from the river and it is part of us. We share thoughts they are part of us. We feel the energy of the sun, it is part of us. We eat the sweet fruit from a tree and it is part of us. So if this life energy we take in is not respected, but treated to only profit the suppling source. That will become part of you. What ever existence, the life your energy of sustenance is coming from, that is what you feed within yourself. This is were I see the best reason for equality. Here we can gain energy from the positive energy that comes with a smile. Or the energy gained from the scent of mother to a child. Even in the focus of our thoughts to a positive path, like good wishes or prayers. With the negative energy of ill will and worry. Both I feel are energy we can grow from, but I would prefer to feed the more positive path.

JD Haller

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