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Hi, I was hoping that if there are any traditional witches out there that could give me some info on conjuring a familiar spirit. I've been searching for info in my books and a little on the internet but all I can seem to find is folklore, which can be quite inspirational for writing a ritual but I just seem to be having some creative blocks. I also plan to use psychedelic mushrooms as part of the ritual. I'm really into the shamanic use of teacher plants and the poison path of traditional witchcraft. Modern Wicca just seems to be so generic and fluffy to me over the last year or so. It doesn't feel authentic to me to pick up some "Teen Witch book" at Barns and Noble and just picking some anthropomorphized symbol out of a list of gods from foreign pantheons and appropriating them to do your bidding, without any real sense of connection or reverence. Especially when you choose a Goddess such as Hekate ,  Babalon , Kali, or Morregan and insist on believeing that Animal sacrifice and use of Shamanic "drugs" is wrong. If you eat meat, you kill an animal every time you do it. It's not natural to be so disconnected from death, as well as the "Ego death" you can experience under the influence of teacher plants. As Peter Grey said in 'Apocalyptic Witchcraft' , " In our quest to do no harm, we have become harmless." We also need the cultural richness of the African diaspora religions such as ' Vodoun ' or 'Santeria' and to get that we need our own mythologies and folklore to build a culture around. To gain the inspiration to have these stories, we need a direct connection to the Spirits of our own lands, wherever those lands may be. Which brings me back to my first question. Can anyone shoot me a ritual or two, related to Witches familiars or Shamanic use of "drugs" to contact Totemic Spirits? That would be greatly appreciated. Blessed Be and 93!

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Try getting a copy of Bucklands book on witchcraft.

That contains all the rituals.


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