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Hello, everyone.  Just joined the forum today.  By way of introduction, I'll tell you a little about my journey into the esoteric.  Without delving into all of the tedious details of the beginning, a few years ago I read several books by "Traditionalists" like Julius Evola, and a bit of Renee Guenon.  Then things really started taking off when I discovered a guy called Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya and started learning about Sanatana Dharma (aka "Hinduism"), which is where a lot of the ideas promoted by guys like Evola come from.

From there, I started learning about meditation, and finally started practicing it.  I don't even consider myself particularly good at it, but I have had some pretty wild (to me) experiences while meditating.  While looking for more information on meditation, I came across a podcast called "This Esoteric Life" which I have become a huge fan of and has been very inspirational to me.  As a result of it, I have become interested in the connection between meditation and other esoteric practices and psychic phenomena.  I recently read Real Magic by Dean Radin and have been dabbling in what Radin refers to in the book as writing magic.  Can't say for sure that it works, but I've seen evidence that it does.

So that pretty much brings us up to the present.  Looking forward to some esoteric reading and posting.

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Welcome to our community, nice to meet you, I am a rosicrucian student and an artist. 


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