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The essence of everything is what we understand it to be. As an underlying benevolence is absolutely necessary in order for love to be true, the understanding of essence can be of any composition to allow either element in learning it. The understanding can basically only grow by encompassing all potential in its prospect and this is brilliance, with every possible piece an equally valid essence.

Imagination sets the limit for what brilliance can comprehend. To this end, benevolence can be accessed in the construction of any composition. I urge the collection of all possible imagination for what I am about to present. I shall teach magic and tutor in brilliance for it is where the mysteries of kabbalah reside. It shall overcome the mystery and master magic exactly for what each individual comprehension may be. True within, as love would be, imagine the way that is the brilliance. This is the power I have promised.

From here it can be learned that chance is the pick of potential. Existing always in a structure of holy probability. The choice of what to, rests entirely upon care. From believing the chance, it fits in perfectly well among all other beliefs. Faith drives the issue of care to a sovereign decision by each individual in every moment. This is the moment of holy probability and subscribes to the direction of every entity in continuum. From embracing all these directions, harmony is procured in creating a positive outcome for every care. Every sphere in every realm is included to even the tinitest incling on every plane. The power of the soul is having to be there to experience it. From the core of existence, comes the truth of that it always has to be like that, embraced in love. As of it we can all make the same promise, for it is the only viable option to do onto myself in the face of eternity. For all it is possible to be, this is magic.

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