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I am a happily partnered mid-age Asian man. We stepped into the esoteric world through tantra union. It is a wonderful new world for us. I grew up in Asia and was raised in some secular buddhism/taoism environments. I enjoy learning and am grateful about who I am and what I have now.

What I plan to learn next (I hope it's not too ambitious): music and sound, Hinduism & Sanskrit vedic, light and shadow, quantum physics and astronomy, Gnostic, astrology, kabbalah, and more.

I wonder which section on this site is the most active in terms of site interaction and get inspired? Forum? Group? Blogs? Or most seekers here enter into the library or schools and just observe others?

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But be active. Blog and join groups that seem active, interesting and educationally attractive to  you. You find some whose writings you deem very comprehensive. There are some very nice people on this site.

Greetings Alex, welcome to the community - it is great to have you a part of it and thanks for sharing your story. I think Being said it well, start and progress with what resonates with you in your heart, in your intuition, and you will surely find the right information at just the right time for you.

If at all during your journey you have specific questions concerning a tradition, please feel free to ask anyone here and i'm sure many will be ready and willing to help you in any way they can.

Again welcome, I hope you find the community of benefit on your path, where ever it may lead.


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