HMMM. Which is it? Go to school to get brainwashed enough to want to become a prostitute to get a degree? Or try to learn how to think and question authority - which will lead to you having to take Ritalin? When Shrub was president he advocated that every American get tested for mental issues so they could all get therapy such as the drugs his father's Eli Lilly Corp directorship produced. But they lied about testing those drugs like Prozac when called before regulators in the senate. No person should ever graduate high school if they have not read Stopping Valium. It shows how doctors are motivated and bought off as well as being ignorant just like the start of this video portrays.

Walter Cronkite is a rare breed and we saw him depart our TV screen far too early in my opinion. Here is part of his observation about the Bush regime of unilateral domination and disregard for international accords. "The unilateralism has been a virtual addiction - a truculent constant in a presidency otherwise marked by inconstancy."

Patch Adams offered his free services to test Shrub when he said he wanted every American to be tested.

See Patch in person here.

Please click on the legend below the initial posts to see a discussion with medical people who eventually had to agree with me despite being encouraged to do otherwise by flamers who acted as if they knew something - yet did not. Here is a post from that person.

"Government backed drug use is disgusting, I know. What worries me even more is DOCTOR backed drug use - doctors that receive a commission every time they prescribe a certain drug - drug companies that literally pay doctors to hand out their medicines. The authority that doctors have is partially necessary, but people tend to accept blindly what their MD tells them, and that is not a safe thing to do. I have seen several under-tested and misdiagnosed conditions in even my schools clinic - and yes, misquoting a bursitis as a tendinitis isn't overly dangerous, but it's the tip of the iceberg.

I've had a client on seven different medications, who consistently stated that they "weren't doing anything", and massage, for instance was "the only thing that works". But a doctor told this person to take these meds, and take them they did. I won't get into the myriad of side-effects this poor person had to deal with every day, for questionable relief. But this is the way our western medicine works."

Here is a capsule comment I made.

"One woman was thrown in jail for refusing to allow her child to take Ritalin (Utah). Ritalin causes heart disease according to a Michigan Pathologist.

The Government pays local school boards per student diagnosed with ADHD and thus there have been huge increases of the diagnoses and therefore treatment by use of Ritalin (a gateway drug).

Some governments are paying parents who have said children on Ritalin.

There are valid and effective alternatives to help focus the attention and many cases where the boredom is generated by the lack of true teaching going on. Teachers are not taught how to teach (see Kaoru Yamamoto of the University of Colorado) they are taught how to test."