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Haunted Minds; potentially limited depths of interpretation.

In working with others who have struggled with depression, depressive symptoms, chronic exhaustion and a detrimental sense of failure I have found it most important to help when possible in redetermining the definitive factors of established knowledge bases.  It requires a mental fluidity that is otherwise hindered.  Adept Agility of the mind can be key in successfully overcoming and assisting others to overcome their various levels of spiritual defeat.

With Astral Projection, what have been some of the methods you have used to reach out in aide of others?  What have you found to work with what types of personalities/individuals? 

An example; While I was working with Schizophrenia, I found (with a certain individual in mind) that assertive conformation and affirmation toward the chronic and seemingly distorted sense of mingling and entwined multidimensional awareness, accordingly, encouraged the individual to further attempt to connect with the presented interpretation of other realities.  Writing, drawing, any form of sharing the perceptual interpretation had profound therapeutic success.  I came to see that the application of programs, such as video editors and PowerPoint offered a level of connectivity that was otherwise not achieved.  As spring turns into summer, I hope to incorporate the use of special aeffects and to encourage the (said) individual to make manifest on screen the essence(s) in which there is a strong attuning toward. Profound strides have been accomplished and my gratitude toward all that be is immeasurable.

However; I have had a much longer term issue with BiPolar Disorder. I have not been able to adequately interrupt the dependency on the things that feed the manic side of this individual. The flips and swings in the moods of this individual have gone through many extreme stages. I obviously cannot utilize the same techniques as I had with the Schizophrenic because the of the level of addictive tendencies presented. I have kept things on a lower key in the way that graphs, charts, etc are helpful and effective but I find that there are certain colors, odors, phrases, etc that are more likely to flip the personality switch.

<One of the more unnerving episodes I've had with this individual was an hallucination of shadow figures attacking and the individual ripped everything off the wall in attempt to fight the shadow figures.>

The studies and articles on triggers, color and odor influences, words, phrases, etc and the aeffects of such in manipulating the biochemistry through provoking various emotional states, accordingly, are life long considerations worth all of our time and attention.  However, too, the potential influences could vary with each individual.  It may not be logical to establish rules suggesting what will produce what. Hypnotherapy, meditation, and the like are some times the only methods of treatment that certain types of people will cooperate with, even then some times on a minimal basis, yet if the mind is haunted then those methods may not be productive and could do more harm than encourage improvement.

Is it potentially true that haunted minds are the result of "lingering visitors"?  Toxic presence(s)?  Severe, possibly long term allergic reactions?  What are your thoughts?

I didn't ask for nor did I seek these quests intentionally, but when people matter and those we love are affected by things outside of their own understanding, though we may never be able to give them our understanding, perhaps we can help them to achieve their own along with assisting them to further develop an individual level of success that relieves their Haunted Mind.

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We share an outlook and direct experience. Thank you so verry much.  :)  

Many of the those I have been around who have been, sadly, dismissed and regarded as 'mentally ill' have not only represented but have also been of brilliant capacities. I am prevented from ever following mainstream thought too closely due to such awareness.


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