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Hi everyone, the heart chakra seems to be the bridge between above and below, and to move forward in the process of enlightenment it seems important that the heart chakra is be balanced. This makes this chakra a little different than the others, being in the center between all seven (respecting that they are all unique and equally important.) I was wondering if anyone has some ways to strengthen the bridges between the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra. In order to move forward to the throat chakra, I've realized that there must be a strong enough bridge to be able to cross after all. Any words of wisdom on how to move forward, or on what would be wise to learn or grow?

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Massage down from the throat and up from the solar plexus. Gentle radiant massage. This lets the heart know it is at the center. Brush the toes and fingers through the tips. I have an amazing video to help with this, and after I find it again (she has a lot and the titles are all similar), will post it here as a reply.


begins half-way through, if embedded correctly, to save you the introductory remarks and proceed straight to where she heals according to your question.

No, I'm ten minutes too far. Start at around 15 minutes in. namaste, if i find one even closer to the solar plexus/heart/throat connection, will post. Dear hearts!

Forgiveness and humbleness 

Forgiveness is true. The heart chakra is bloody. Both anatomically and mentally. It is in the center, yes. Like the red rose on the cross. The crucifixion, your change. Your death and rebirth. Your baptism. This is why it is central, why it is the tipping point to climbing the ladder. Washed in your own blood, your own selfless sacrifice, the love, the blood, flows out. It bursts. You die for everyone, for all. After you experience this the bridge to your throat chakra begins to form. As you find the next change, growth, death to die to bring rebirth, that bridge grows. And when you cross that bridge it will be to die a death for yourself, to save the last person. The bursting of the throat is a trip. Anyways if your still reading this hope it is insightful somehow.

The heart chakra is very important in spiritual work on oneself. I really like the " lotus flower" meditation.

There might be some wisdom on how to move forward in the fact that Ocean Heart deleted all her videos. For those of us lucky to receive her light language and other chakra and Reiki based healings during her YouTube period, there was learning and growth. Why there is a gray space where this video was embedded indicates any number of possibilities - it happens all the time. But that's the nature of internet archives. Same as with any discussion here. People who think this discussion is inactive just because no one has written a reply lately does not fully get what is going on here, with the revolution of healing within our hearts. 


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