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It's time to emerge from the hermitage and relate to beings that I cannot walk through. The last few years have been surreal and mind bending. Something led me here, looking forward to finding out what. Even introducing myself seems odd because I'm still metamorphing (again). 

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Thank you. Everything changes - the fluids, the calcifications, the vibes - so daring to be magical is a very fine thing indeed.

Pranam sav)

Thank you for the invitation, I have 500 hour certification to teach Hatha Yoga but my true love is Kundi. My Kundalini Yoga teacher was a student of Yogi Budjen. She told they story of when He first came to teach in the States, his first organized teaching was to an empty auditorium. NO ONE showed up. Instead of being discouraged, he gave his presentation to the aire. That story changed my life and was instant love for this arm of Yoga. My first class, I cried. "THIS is what church is supposed to feel like!" I found Home. Finally.

I cannot help the Magical, I am an 11, triple dose.



Hey Chapel,

When you get a chance to check your messages. 

Your Friend Lawrence Thomas


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