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Hello here I am Xeno! A young canadian new dad and I live with my wife in west of the country. I am originally from East and I speak french! In 2009 my consciousness was taken off my mind and I was connected to some sort of non physical network that I think is a synthetic telepathy technology or something. I have met two entities saying they are aliens and they claimed to be my parents. They said I am an alien too but in the ufology community where I am mostly active they refere to ''starseed'' or ''starchild''. I would be an alien soul in a human body here for a human life for a reason. I came for the disclosure it seems but this is not exactly to talk about here!

They told me we are a pretty... interesting specy and they told me I am a larva, a cosmic one! So I am in the cosmic familly a little bit lost on Earth trying to do what is inside of me that I have to do to accomplish my mission to influence the civilisation by proceeding to a public sensibilisation but this is not either why I am on this forum!

My memory was wiped or blocked and I was told that I have powers that I cannot use or access right now and that my quest would be to have Earth's civilisations to help me in my journey and unblock myself. I have question about what is a cosmic larva or any member of the cosmic familly or the cosmic plan. It is a lot why I am here. To meet people that knows serious stuff about cosmic being and alien spirituality or general universe alternate realities. I am into ufology and I have a great time on my home forum but this community doesn't have answers for my questions and most of the forums are not welcoming my story. They want proofs or evidences for a non physical cosmic spiritual experience and... What they want is not something I have.

I am seeking open mind people and loving friends that cares about a better world to build and I hope that I will find my answers in esoterism and occult sciences if I can say it badly that way. I always wanted to but I thought that the UFOlogist would have answer but they actually barelly know anything about what I am talking about..

Thanks for reading!

Xeno the cosmic larva

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Good morning Xeno. I hope this message finds you well. i too am an alien here..I can relate to your uncomfort and confusion.. I will also go as far as to say earth seems to appear more screwed the wiser I get.. 

I would like to offer some practical advice.. All starseeds are here to help raise the planets vibration.. That been said there are verious level and degrees within the scope of "raising the planets vibration"..

Based on your own testimony it seems to me that you require guidance on the physical level..

You have your gazed fixed on the stars.. but the truth is that although we are starbeings.. we still need to utilise the body to enter into deep states of meditation.. You have to utilise the body properly to open up the 3rd eye.

So from a practical stand point.. It would be wise to start there.. I will tell you another thing.. you feel the way you do because there is something inside of you ... a feeling you get when you see beggers or cripples, animals beaten..rape, murder, torture, greed, lust.. etc.. a feeling then arises in the starseed that there is something wrong with the world..

At that stage seeking becomes the norm and the seeker searches sometimes for years without anything concrete to show for his journey.. That feeling leads us inwards..I will be honest here.. once that initial feeling hits not waste a second longer on channled messages and visions etc.. At the end of the day all the incarnated starbeings have only one goal.. and thats to reach the highest level.. same way Jesus done(just an example) and show others what they really capable of.. 

The dangers of incarnating on earth is as follows..and this is also why its been said that the incarnated starseeds have the hardest mission..

because you born here.. you forget about all your memories and that soul is therefore by default born into delusion.. why? because you have your parents genetics in the physical.. then as the child grows he becomes conformed to the world.. Now once a soul is confomed to the world they gather karma of the world.. If the incarnated starseed dies with this karma he has to reincarnate back to earth.. So thats why its a dangerous mission.. Because we taking a risk coming here in the first place.

So I would advise you make use of the altar within and knock on the door .. If you dont..that door will never open up again.. So thats why I always emphasize..start on the physical a raw food meat,dairy,white flour,processed sugar, medicines that contain chemicals..harmful fragrances and soaps..

Once the physical is okay.. im talking after atleast 6 months detox..then move onto yoga and breathing techniques.. that wil lead you to meditation.. meditation is key.. but its not as simple as simply going to sit on the ground with closed eyes.. the processes and techniques are intricate.. they must be done correctly otherwise nothing big will happen in your life.. you looking for powers.. this is how to get it..

"seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added unto you..for all things belong to him"

This means that if you master yourself on all levels and reach the christ intelligence deep within ..all avenues of life will open up to you.. and life will just flow.." there will be no stone left unturned"..

So this is the ultimate key to understanding everything in life..your soul origin..your purpose..etc etc.

You have to delve deep within yourself.. and put in the effort.. its what the universe wants.. its what the earth needs..

I hope this helps.. I was not trying to contradict anything you said..merely trying to outline the means in which you can make contact with your star family .. how to attain powers.. How to be a light as all starbeings should be ..

Hope you well and achieve your goals.:)

I am not a starseed, I am a cosmic larva

Thank you for your reply and I wish to hear from you about your vision of the world

Anybody who has a soul that does not originally belong to earth is a starseed..

For example new souls on earth start off incarnating as plants..then they move up to animal bodies then eventually to human bodies.. A human body is the highest vessel for souls on earth..

Now you said this "They said I am an alien too but in the ufology community where I am mostly active they refere to ''starseed'' or ''starchild''. I would be an alien soul in a human body here for a human life for a reason."

So by definition your soul not from here.. so you are a starseed.. What type is not important.. The main thing here is your soul is not from here.. so you didnt get to have 1000 births as a plant or animal or human.. this makes you a starseed..

Now starseeds incarnate for various reasons.. some technology..others spiritual reasons..all of which is an attempt to prevent the earth from been destroyed and also to make sure the ascension occurs.. Unless they sent you to probe people or to spy on us? HAHA.. Highly doubtful tho.

They said I am in the galactic secret service I am not a spy


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