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Hello here I am Xeno! A young canadian new dad and I live with my wife in west of the country. I am originally from East and I speak french! In 2009 my consciousness was taken off my mind and I was connected to some sort of non physical network that I think is a synthetic telepathy technology or something. I have met two entities saying they are aliens and they claimed to be my parents. They said I am an alien too but in the ufology community where I am mostly active they refere to ''starseed'' or ''starchild''. I would be an alien soul in a human body here for a human life for a reason. I came for the disclosure it seems but this is not exactly to talk about here!

They told me we are a pretty... interesting specy and they told me I am a larva, a cosmic one! So I am in the cosmic familly a little bit lost on Earth trying to do what is inside of me that I have to do to accomplish my mission to influence the civilisation by proceeding to a public sensibilisation but this is not either why I am on this forum!

My memory was wiped or blocked and I was told that I have powers that I cannot use or access right now and that my quest would be to have Earth's civilisations to help me in my journey and unblock myself. I have question about what is a cosmic larva or any member of the cosmic familly or the cosmic plan. It is a lot why I am here. To meet people that knows serious stuff about cosmic being and alien spirituality or general universe alternate realities. I am into ufology and I have a great time on my home forum but this community doesn't have answers for my questions and most of the forums are not welcoming my story. They want proofs or evidences for a non physical cosmic spiritual experience and... What they want is not something I have.

I am seeking open mind people and loving friends that cares about a better world to build and I hope that I will find my answers in esoterism and occult sciences if I can say it badly that way. I always wanted to but I thought that the UFOlogist would have answer but they actually barelly know anything about what I am talking about..

Thanks for reading!

Xeno the cosmic larva

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I am not a starseed, I am a cosmic larva

Thank you for your reply and I wish to hear from you about your vision of the world

They said I am in the galactic secret service I am not a spy


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