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Welcome to you the new. In the midst of crafting a site to help, guide, share, provide opportunity for growth of being and understanding. All in the air of acceptance and encouragement, for self and community empowerment. If we can’t fine or bring the needed change, we will make it together. Not meant to be a place of debate but a place to relate. We only need agree to help, and think of ways to do it. If you have a little time to look, it fine to look and leave, or good if you look and like, but it is great if you join in and help! This is not asking for any commitments or comments just a few moments of your time. It is a new site no traffic, no posts other then the ones set by me so far.

Web Site Invite From JD at ASK 1ST

Hello! Thanks for the read. I am sending you this invitation to help craft with me a new spiritual web site.

It is not yet finished and may always grow to the need. I ask you to view the site and offer feedback. I have no religious affiliation and am open to all respectful and caring beings. I found a fine network of sites for sharing knowledge. This site has a challenge in that it is in native Portuguese and I only know English. One can set it to English at top right or bottom depending on the page. It will then be about 95 % English and usable for people like me.

The site is  You first need to create an account and confirm with e-mail. The address of the email must be a minimum 3 characters There may be a % when creating a password, if you have troubles enter until 100 %, ensuring all needed fields are filled. If you have any trouble interring the site please contact me and we will set it up together.

So if you have a mind to check it out please do. I would welcome all the help I can get to start a social tsunami of change. Lets make some waves!

Also the site account will allow you to create your own site for sharing knowledge.

Namaste JD

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