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I have been thinking about this for many years now. There is so much destruction going on its hard to imagine that man is able to make the changes before there is nothing left.

People seem to be oblivious to the fact that they themselves contribute to this downfall daily.. manifesting death in the persuit of "life" and spending more time on the cell phone than observing nature. No one seems to question anything and people just walk around with their eyes open but not actually seeing because they are under hypnosis.

The hypnosis is created by the idea that man can exist as a separate from everything else.

It can ofcourse be given up at any time..its hard to believe that a thought system so debilitating can be so cherished and loved.. It is mainly due to origin..

Most people believe they originated from their mothers womb.. so from the very beginning most people are taught in this manner.. The concepts of God are most likely not understood by children.. The concepts of video games and action figures are much easier to comprehend than the internal world of man.

It could be that humans only search inside themselves when it is too late... that would be a huge shame.. We can hope to inspire others but we cant force them to do anything.

Inspire others means they will most likely expect a miracle or some type of sign.. This is crucial that you have something to offer them.. miracles I believe can have a very inspiring effect on anyone.. miracles are natural expressions of love that originates without planning or prior thought..

Becoming truly miracle minded is basically a formula :What am (I)

                                                                                  :What time is it?

                                                                                  :What am I looking at?

I am love

The time is now


I am love now.. and no matter what you looking at it is you.. this formula will prevent negative thoughts and promote peace and also self exploration, self realization eventually.

So saving you is the same as saving the world...they are inseparable 

You will immediately from the time of self discovery to the time of enlightenment be helping the world by your thoughts even if they are not spoken..

If you want to do miracles as in like walking on water, healing of diseases etc etc you would have to do atleast 3 hours pranayama per day..this is to build energy reserves.. I am not sure the science how exactly it is done..i only know how to get to that level but cant explain how it all comes together ...I hope to find that out still..

I hope this makes sense ,my apologies if it does not. 

Any comments welcome:)

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You wrote:

"Most people believe they originated from their mothers womb.."

This is not a belief: this is a fact, as far as Earthlings are concerned.

Where else would Earthlings originate from?

"The concepts of God are most likely not understood by children.."

Such concepts are beliefs and nobody should necessarily have to follow them. Non-believers aren't necessarily insane people.

Regarding Earthlings and destruction: I think it's mostly a question of education and information. Earthlings must be aware of all the consequences of their action (on the Earth, on its biosphere and else), like posting a topic on here, for example (the energy it costs, how it is produced, side-effects and so on).

Hello anton, thanks for the reply.

Just following up on your previous question:

"Most people believe they originated from their mothers womb.."

This is not a belief: this is a fact, as far as Earthlings are concerned.

Where else would Earthlings originate from?

That is a reasonable also said yourself information is key..

It must also be clearly emphasized tho, who is the "you" that is living in this world?..if you break it down to its source then there it is realized what a human actually is..the problems experienced by most people would be instantly solved with a little information and a lot of faith.

So from one view it is not a fact that man comes from the womb..does rain come from the cloud? where did the cloud come its a chain of cause and effect principles taking place..You said nobody has to follow them..but that is not actually a choice ..just like a child does not have a choice what his 5 sense picks up around him like a sponge..insane just means that you most likey going to choose what would hurt you most..this is exactly the actions of those who know not what they do..this is all just identification with the physical and a denial of the spiritual..remember that denial of the spiritual means acting in a purely egotistical way far removed from sanity..These are in essence ideas and concepts not many can identify as obstructions..

I think that's a great thing to work on now as a species..just understanding the fundamentals of creation ,exploring avenues to greater heights..

Anyway thanks for the reply..hope you not the only one lol,its nice to hear different opinions..

lol so we conclude that more information would do people good.great stuff i definitely agree!

Hello :)

I'm not implying I agree/disagree with what you wrote above.

Regarding your topic, what seems key to me, again, is to inform, educate Earthlings about all the consequences of their actions on the environment, biosphere and more. Actions such as posting "here". I encourage you to identify those consequences.



Hey Anton bro

I like what you said there, thats a great key will open many doors lol :P-would make a great name for a book..The Key :D

Hope you are well :)

Thanks again!

People don't care until it's too late history repeats itself, unfortunately we're past that, our ancestors choose to do nothing in the past and let evil(the elite and occult bloodlines) influence and control the masses and now we're in too deep there's no going back I suggest you look into Cicada 3301, Tengri and Vault 7 they're finally ready to lift the veil the apocalyptic spring is upon us.


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