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I've been active for less than a day and on the site for less than a few hours and I can certainly tell that I need to be here. I've long wanted to start something much like this but it never ammounted to anything. So I'm glad to discover it already done! Someone had the same desire as me but followed through to this. So thanks to the founder ;D . I'm excited to get to know new people who are at least curious as I. Also, I hope to learn much from everyone and to share what I can!

My name's Aaron and I am, of many things, a progressively enlightened soul striving for truth. The connection to all. I used to be more left brained  and scrutinized reality until I decided to start studying chemistry to help me when I get into school. But learning only stoked the hungry flame within. Soon I was diving almost blindly into the sub-atomic world digging for answers to my questions or finding new things to ask about. Then I found my turning point: the double slit experiment. The fact that observation collapses a wave probability into a stable event made my world spin. This meant to me that I was affecting everything I observed. This opened up my life to the understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things.

I'm a musician and also a Sylar (if you watch heroes) for knowledge. I urge to know the ticking mechanism in all things. So I began 'small' with many avenues of studies. I gradually collected more info and eventually made some conclusions of my own. They are an evolving system of beliefs which changes depending on my mood or what topic of discussion is up. xD so I'm flexible in my comprehension because one thing I deduced is that anything is possible. I think that this universe and our timeline are in constant flux. But then I think many things haha.

Currently I'm working on finding the relationships between sound, light, spacial measurement, emotions, and chemistry. What I know now is interesting...

I'll take a length, run it through a formula and get a tone. then I run that through a formula and I get a color. Then I can find what things resonate with that color. Bam, i can make a physical representation of sound via ratios, harmonics and octaves just as the pyramids are built upon specific measurements.

My most recent find is that someone took an infrared spectrograph to find the resonance of our base molecules of DNA. That's right, DNA can be translated into sound.

Thanks for listening to my tale x) I hope to hear from anyone interested on sharing info on similar subjects or anything esoteric, occult, and 'real world'. I'm still a nearly empty book.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for the introduction, I'm glad to hear it will be of benefit to you - welcome. You may find me flying around in the Astral like Nathan Parker, loved Heroes too.

Love your introduction, Aaron, you're certainly interested in some very exciting stuff!! Welcome on board. :-)

hey Aaron, enjoined reading Ur introduction and would just like to say welcome and once i found this site i was amazed and couldn't stop coming back so i belong here too lol


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