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Hi all,

I elaborated in the last couple of months a hypothesis regarding: mythology and modern science. Who is interested in it, can the blog find here:

- The main topics are: - TaiJi - a magnetic monopole ?

- Prognosis sheet

- Possible problems during manned Mars-missions from the perspective of Astrology and Creation-Myths

- Dark matter: The bush that does not burn up ?

If modern science find something which supports a scientificaly background of mythology, than I would like to post here some comments.

If somebody knows someone who is interested in such topics, please feel free to forward this link.

best regards, Avenger

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that's some next level work. I never did such an in-depth analysis on those topics i wondered about it but i never went past that stage. That's a great blog too, I really respect your dedication.

I think that with a certain amount of creativity , you can find many scientific truths in mythology. You be careful not to   overestimate the knowledge of the ancients. Once you go past the philosphical meaning of their work and try to relate them to conventional modern science it's important to go one step after another and consider that the more you go in detail, the more likely you are to be wrong. It's a very very delicate subject that many people approach to quickly. However I do appreciate your effort there is definitely a lot of potential in there. I would also like to ask if you have read anything about creation viewed as an ongoing process rather than some event in space-time.


Thanks for your reply.
Regarding your question: So far I have not read anything about creation viewed as an ongoing process.
What is this exactly ?

Best regards,


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