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Along the many traditions held in systems like conjure, rootwork, and hoodoo lives the use of the jack ball. It is a ball made of any color of string incasing witchy ingredients to perform magickal work. These ingredients vary from practitioner to practitioner but typically involve hair, herbs, amulets, dices, sigils, and fluids. These ingredients and or any other ingredients one may want to add, are to be rolled up in candle wax and compressed into a ball. The wax ball is then wrapped up in any color of string and left with a tail from where one can hold to swing the jack ball with freely.

The Jack Ball might seem very familiar to the Mojo bag in that they both hold and carry magical items for its owner. But the Jack Ball has something extra and very special which makes it a hybrid between two different fields of practice an study. The Jack Ball becomes a pendulum and can be used for divination and measuring energy frequencies.

Practitioners commonly use the Jack Ball to receive yes or no answers to their questions and to swing it in particular directions to produce certain results and magickal effects. To be more specific on working with the Jack Ball to manifest will and intent, you can take the Jack ball and unite it with a petition or sigil printed on a piece of paper inside a Mojo Bag. Allow it to rest a few nights before releasing your magick into the universe.

Jack Balls like Mojo Bags must be fed regularly. Whether it is with personal fluids or those of another, oils or whiskey, rum, and tobacco. Once you have completed dressing your Jack Ball and have placed it inside a Mojo bag for sitting with the petition or sigil, light a candle and begin swinging the Jack Ball in a clockwise rotation to bring something towards you or to project. Swing it counter-clockwise to banish or expel anything from you or a situation.

To give a brief example of how the Jack Ball might be used for domination. If an individual wants to be in control of his or her relationship and is involved with a stubborn significant other, the person may retire to a closed space and begin chanting the desired effect over the partner while swinging the Jack Ball in a clockwise rotation. For example, " Christian or Dorothy, I am in control. I am the one that sets the course and you will follow. Follow. Follow my lead and never question my command. Your heart is mine and so is your mind. The paths of your feet shall not be entwined and quickly you will arrive, again to me loveable and preserved like a good old wine. Abra. Abra. Abracadabra".

Remember that all magick flows and so anyone is welcome to mix the practice of the Jack Ball with any other esoteric sciences and practices. Include a candle in your practice for more potency in elemental magick, as well as water, earth, and whispers (AIR). Welcome the use of photographs, mirrors, tarot cards, and including your feline familiars. Tease your cat with the Jack Ball to get him or her excited enough to develop a trance that can be used in accomplishing your desired goals.

It is advised to keep the Jack Ball in a hidden and safe place. To give it life on a constant basis and to perform any cleansing rituals needed to be performed if it is exposed to severe situations or working on very evil individuals.

May your workings be fruitful
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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