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Merry meet,
I am a student witch looking for a free Kabbalah course for beginners. It is fundamental to my studies but it is an information minefield out there! Would be grateful for any advice!
Brightest blessings, love and light

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Merry meet, Anki,
Thank you for the links! :-)
Brightest blessings, love and light
Thanks Steve, that`s excellent help! :-) Sadly my local library is not very good but I have plenty to get on with! Blessed be! :-)

Thank you Steve!

Thank you FIona for posting this blog!!!!! 


Hi Fiona!

  We have much n common!! I am just learning this too! 

Thank you Anki! I am going to join the group!

Fiona, if I find anything I will give the info!!

Blessings beloved SiStars!

Thank you, Rosey Cross! :-)

Big hug!


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