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is there "white" alchemy? or is it neutral? i associate it with magick. would love your thoughts.

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When you talk about "white" alchemy are you speaking of in opposition to black magik? Is this a more divine approach only working with higher vibrations and such? If your answers are what I think they are then the answer is yes. Like every good duality there needs to be something that opposes and balances out the black magik right? therefore, we have white magik? I am sure their are also 500 other names for it depending upon the culture, language, time period and overall perspective really. 

yea, something like that :) i just haven't ever seen or heard of such a thing in my research. almost like the light is more hidden than the darkness.

Alchemy itself, in my estimation, is not white or black. Rather, what one does with the lapis philosophorum is like anything else: The one who possesses the stone has a great power that should be used responsibly.

Alchemy is largely based around hermetic philosophy. One of the key hermetic principles is the principle of polarity stating that everything is the same, it varies only in degree.

To illustrate you could use some examples like where does happines end and sadness begin? Where does darkness start and brightness end? Or the example you have suggested black/white magic. These are just concepts we use to describe what in the end are two poles of the same thing.

Personally I'd say that alchemy is simply truths and absolute wisdom. What you do with this knowledge is really up to you.

I guess a simple way to explain what I'm trying to say is this. Could you say math is a good or bad thing? Well you could use it to build a bridge and you could use it to build a bomb too.


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