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Looking for professional astrologer in the topic area of 'history of natural-science


I have asked many astrologers associations in the last few weeks and have now received the advice to look for a professional astrologer in the area of 'history of natural science'

It is regarding the following topic:
In the last few years I have elaborated a hypothesis regarding: 'mythology and science'.
In doing so, I came to the conclusion that astral religions should to be able to (at least) estimate time frames in which larger 'paradigm shifts' take place.

As I read about one month ago, the particle accelerator in CERN (Switzerland) is taken offline for about 2 years, because it needs maintenance and receives an update.
After that, in spring of 2021, it will be put back online. In the event that something new is discovered, this could lead to the paradigm shift in physics, which is hoped
by many scientists since decades.

Since I also deal with astral religions in my hypothesis, it would be very advantageous for me if I had a prediction (in advance) from an professional astrologer.

Does somebody know a professional astrologer who can make an estimation for the above topic?

Yours sincerely,
Hubert Rehberger

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