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Manipulating people through the gaze. Eyes and magnetism.

In the book hidden secrets by Osho, he talks about how one can direct energy to their eyes, and use it to control others. He also explained how this makes their eyes tense. Here is the quote:

Those who practice hypnotism, mesmerism, magnetism, or things like this, will have very tense eyes - obviously, because they are trying to move their energy through the eyes forcibly. They are bringing their total energy near the eyes just to influence, impress or dominate someone. Their eyes will become tense because then their eyes are flooded with energy, more than they can tolerate.
Their eyes will be red, tense, and if you look at them you will feel a sudden shivering: they are using their eyes in a very political way. If they look at you, they are sending their energy to dominate you.
And through eyes, domination is very easy.
This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.
You can have those eyes also; it is not difficult. You have just to learn how to bring your total body energy to the eyes. They become flooded, and then, whenever you look at someone your energy starts flowing toward him. It envelopes the person, penetrates his mind, and in this flooded shock his thinking stops. And this is not a very rare thing that happens just with man, it happens all over the animal kingdom. There are many animals who will just look at their prey, and if the prey looks at them he is done for. Then the prey's eyes become fixed; he cannot move, he cannot escape.Then this is what has been done always: the hunter can stare into the eyes of the lion, and now it will depend on whether he has more magnetic eyes or the lion. If the lion is less magnetic and the hunter can bring his total energy to his eyes... And it is easy, he can do this, because when death is there one can do anything. When death is there the hunter can put his total energy at stake. If the hunter can look directly into the eyes of the lion and forget everything and just look, if he can just become the look, then the whole energy will move from his eyes and the lion will escape. He will be trembling with fear.

What do you guys think? How can it be done?

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Totally possible. 

How do you do it?
It can be done through the inner peace, knowing, and power. I have been told that I have very hypnotic eyes. I can see to the heart of a person and see what lies in the shadows. Yes, I have the ability to bend someone's will to my own, but I choose not to.

hmm. how did you get this ability? did you do any practice of gazing?

Yes, I practiced with a gazing jar. My jar consists of three opaque quartz, three Apache tears, a stone shaped like a dragons head, water, and glitter. I shake up the jar and allow my mind to clear as I watch it settle. The more that I am centered in my power the stronger the ability.

what other practices did you do?

I had to do a lot of shadow work. This was not an ability I wanted, but this is an ability I have. A lot had to do with me finding peace and wholeness with in myself. I had to set clear cut intentions and be willing to accept the consequences of my actions, what ever it may be. I practiced on people and yes I did misuse the ability. But then someone did the same to me. Whatever you do or send out does and will come back.

I would be very grateful if you share more details about your experiences. Here or in dms.  What did you do to others, how did you do it? What did you recieve back? 

I am getting a sense not to discuss this any further. All I can say is yes it is possible, what you send out you receive back, relationships begun in deception will die by the truth, and all that you need is already in you, but seek with a pure heart and intention.

If all your life is about is gain over others,  then this gift is perfect for you.   Or,  you could be a politician and naturally be born to use it.  


If G-d chooses not to dominate the wills of men, then why would you do the opposite?


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