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When we hear people say "I've got my Mojo on" or " I've got my Mojo up". We're left with an unknown variable in our thinking that does not please our curiosity. Today you will read a brief introductory passage on the word Mojo and its connection to Mojo bags. And even more on the perception held within esoteric communities and magick. 

The word Mojo has built for itself a multifaceted definition over time. And to be direct and honest this word has roots in two other particular words which are MAGIKAL INFLUENCE. It is believed that Mojo or working the Mojo begins by initially embodying a particular attitude or programmed trance-like state. A state in where the practitioner delivers intent, purpose, and energy into something other than himself for manifestation.

In earlier times people used the word Mojo as an expression of possessing high spirits in their person or mood. Having your Mojo up was humorously stated as having your penis up or erected, as a form of indicating exalted energy as an erected phallus represents. In later years people developed the idea of harnessing the upbeat sensation which could draw or project desires, into an amulet bag. They believed in that if instead of continuously generating the magical sway, they could collect it, assemble it and allow it to perdure its potency all on its own. 

In many traditions, a flannel bag is used to deposit magical items. Herbs, stones, coins, powders, metals & minerals, sigils, bones, and pins are among the many contents that can and are usually placed in the flannel bag known as Mojo bag. It is also believed that Mojo bags can carry whispers, prayers, spells, and even spirits, making the Mojo bag a very handy tool to have for any Witch or Magician. Mojo bags are alternatively known as a hand, mojo hand, conjure hand, lucky hand, conjure bag, trick bag, root bag, toby, jomo, and gris-gris bag. And all its sub-meanings circle around the same concepts of "Magickal fetish" or "Magickal charm". 

The Mojo bag is well understood to be an object carrying magickal influence over itself as well as over the individual carrying it, one that will bring an advantage in specific situations and over common people or potential targets. The Mojo bag is like a powerful device to be detonated or activated to spread its power and materialize the will and intent of the practitioner. 

Mojo bags can be made from leather or flannel, as well as from your personal clothes or someone else's. When it comes to the color to use, the basic color system that is preferred in your paradigm applies. Also, the shapes one can use to make a mojo bag are limited to the preference of the wearer and the purpose intended. 


Working a Mojo bag isn't simply stuffing a cloth bag with several items in the expectation of grand results. Ritual ceremonies have to be performed initially before collecting your share of good luck or romance. 

This part of the process in Mojo bag creation varies from person to person. So it is wise to say that each individual will structure his or her ceremony in whichever way they see fit. Ones the charging and programming or spirit sitting of your Mojo bag is completed, make sure to dress your Mojo bag with some fluids. Whether menstrual, plant extracts, saliva, scented oils, semen, etc.

It is typically recommended to keep a Mojo bag hidden and protected from the evil eye. Knowing this, people will sow an extra compartment in their pants or shirts to keep the Mojo bag occult. Another tradition that has been carried over time is to constantly feed the Mojo bag by speaking to it as if it is a living entity and dressing it with oils in synchronicity with planetary alignments and cycles of the moon or other astronomical bodies. Use a pendulum to measure the potency of your Mojo bag and cleanse it aggressively if it is exposed to toxic environments or individuals.

May your workings be fruitful 

Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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