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I work to buy stuff/to be comfortable.
Should be, I work to experience/express more???

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The illusion of money couldn't be more alive...currency is as any other movement of can apply Newtonian physics and Electrical engineering principles to economics...fractional reserve banking emulates natural cycles of energy movement, from source...movement (use)...then back to source...

I once read that you are bound to money and its laws until you are able to live without it by mastering the 5 elements..then you can manifest anything you wish..but until that happens we only have one option or one right and that is to take action.The best way to take action is by not thinking of how the action will benefit you.but just doing your duty like going to work is your right in this world..the money is not really important..whats important is that you are not stagnant..even maintaining the body is its true what you saying from this perspective that there is no such thing as work..only money a is now..if people want to be without money they must achieve a level in by which they do not need to depend on the system for anything..but even then there is still will just be for the benefit of others and not yourself.

So if I own a home with a mortgage that I choose to. Does this serve myself only? How do I serve others with my actions.

Is my home only my home in my reality? Does it exist?  I know these sound like  basic questions.


"So if I own a home with a mortgage that I choose to"

Qui vult decipi, decipiatur.
Set him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.
-Maxim of Law

no-one can own a home, house or property with a mortgage, the only thing one owns with a mortgage is a debt, a mortgage is a dead pledge, (Ancient Latin) meaning that the property is security on a loan that never was, a financial institution doesn't loan anything of its own to anyone, and how could a property be used as security on a loan if you don't own it at the time the so-called loan was "Granted".

A mortgage works as a promissory note (cash) that creates the amount needed to purchase (To PURsue and CHASE but never attain) the property, you own it there, then in the same instance with the stroke of a pen accept liability for a debt to the same amount on the promissory note (with interest added) to balance out the banks books and create profit for themselves and their share holders created out of your promissory note by the bank...its called double dipping.

People also sign over power of attorney to the bank and their lawyers to do business in your name as they see fit all in one document...the process in law is Alieni Juris where one comes under the authority of another (The Creditor, Bank"Secured Party" Creditor and their lawyers) as a debtor through their loan agreement (Mortgage, Contract) that never loaned you anything.

Therefore a mortgage by definition renders the property pledged as security as "dead" (mort) to the alleged debtor and transfers ownership to the creditor, though the alleged debt is nothing more than an agreement to pay someone something even if that someone never really loaned anything to start with,an agreement is an agreement...

if you were given a "loan" to PUR/CHASE title to a $500,000.00 property, why does that amount not get credited to the account? why is it no-one see's the actual transaction that takes place, it is done through law firms escrow accounts, and clearance houses, does anyone get a receipt for that PUR/CHASE as proof of PUR/CAHSE?...a deed is not a certificate of ownership, it grants what is called inheritable propitiatory rights of use to a property, not ownership because you have pledged ownership as collateral, but you can use the property and pass that right of use on...

Quod meum est sine me auferri non potest.
What is mine cannot be taken away without my consent.
-Maxim of Law

Pacto aliquod licitum est, quid sine pacto non admittitur.
By a contract something is permitted, which, without it, could not be admitted.
-Maxim of Law.

A mortgage grants ownership of the property pledged as security to the "secured party" creditor who never credited anything to anyone, it takes the note you created, accepted it for value then created a debt based on the amount the note was created for and it accepted, making you the actual creditor, the "secured party" then turns the tables through contracts and takes ownership of the property should the contracted debtor renege on their agreement to pay them something regardless of whether they actual gave you anything or agreed to pay them...Le contrat fait la loi. The contract makes the law,_maxim of Law.

Quaeras de dubiis, legem bene discere si vis.

Inquire into them, is the way to know what things are really true

Non decipitur qui scit se decipi.

He is not deceived who know himself to be deceived.

cire debes cum quo contrahis.
You ought to know with whom you deal.

_Maxims of Law

Just mt opinion though.



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