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I work to buy stuff/to be comfortable.
Should be, I work to experience/express more???

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I once read that you are bound to money and its laws until you are able to live without it by mastering the 5 elements..then you can manifest anything you wish..but until that happens we only have one option or one right and that is to take action.The best way to take action is by not thinking of how the action will benefit you.but just doing your duty like going to work is your right in this world..the money is not really important..whats important is that you are not stagnant..even maintaining the body is its true what you saying from this perspective that there is no such thing as work..only money a is now..if people want to be without money they must achieve a level in by which they do not need to depend on the system for anything..but even then there is still will just be for the benefit of others and not yourself.

So if I own a home with a mortgage that I choose to. Does this serve myself only? How do I serve others with my actions.

Is my home only my home in my reality? Does it exist?  I know these sound like  basic questions.



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