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My first experience of Sleep Paralysis in context of Astral Projection, familiar?

I hope this description of my experience makes sense...these things are hard to describe. I mainly made this thread to see if anyone else has experienced the flashes of light, and how they relate to Astral Projection. But, I'd love to hear any other stories about sleep paralysis experiences and perhaps Astral Projections because of them. 

So now I'll get straight to the point: 

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and I believe I experienced semi-sleep paralysis for the first time. 

I opened my eyes, and then shut them, as one does when they are on the fringe of sleep...and I noticed a very bright flash of light (in my mind's eye?/pineal?) when I closed my eyes. I specifically remember purposefully closing my eyes to see if the light bursts kept occurring with my eyes closed, and they did. 

Now, I have experienced phenomena that I thought were related to sleep-paralysis and astral projection before, during the "fringe sleep". But, in the past it has only manifested as an audible "hum" or a "ring". 

I've done a lot of research into sleep paralysis and astral projection years ago, when I was first awakening to the possibilities of consciousness expansion...But I've never came very close to doing it myself. 

In my research I knew that amongst experiencers of sleep-paralysis and astral projection, a "hum" is very common. This hum will usually start soft, and amplify and amplify until it "consumes" you, and you "burst" out of your body, and begin Astral adventures. 

I have experimented with the "hums & ringing" that I've heard before. I would lie in bed (no sleep paralysis), start to hear the Hum, and then (this is hard to explain) I would somehow be able to control the strength of the Hum. I could either subdue it, and not let it affect me, or I could consciously allow it to amplify. Sometimes I would try to make it amplify as much as possible, to possibly let it resonate me to the point of "departure". 

But, once the Ring gets to a certain level, it begins affecting you in weird ways...It gets very uncomfortable and tensious to allow it to "consume" you. In the past I have not fully let go of inhibitions and let it reach it's full potential. 

Last night, when I started seeing the light flashes, I was somewhat able to control their frequency. When I first noticed them, (similar to the Hum..) I started to consciously will them to happen that the flashes would occur many times in just a few seconds. 

When they started occurring more rapidly, and I realized that I was controlling them similar to the Hums, I started to get that feeling of tension and started to consciously realize that I might be beginning the process of Astral Projection. 

Somewhere around this time is when I noticed that I was some-what paralyzed. In my state of (mental) discomfort, I guess I tried to move in bed and nudge my girlfriend. I remember that It was particularly difficult for me to nudge her or use much force at all. I also remember trying to say my girlfriend's name out loud, in order to get her attention. This was also very difficult...I could barely speak at all, I'm not even sure If I made a sound. 

As I discovered that I was paralyzed, I shifted attention to that instead of the Light flashes, and I guess they stopped. Because I had never experienced this before, needless to say it freaked me out a little bit. The last thing I remember before falling back asleep was me trying to wake up my girlfriend. Interestingly: this morning I felt unusually well-rested and had a good energy...I couldn't stop talking to by girlfriend as soon as I woke up, and my mind was very fresh and alert right-off-the-bat. 

If you do your research on Astral Projection and how some people have "out of body experiences" during the "in-between state" of sleep, you will come across the Hum phenomenon and sleep paralysis for sure. the Light flash phenomenon is also related, but it's not as common as the Hum. 

The most common story is that you wake up and realize you are paralyzed, and then you hear "the Hum" or "ringing". the ringing amplifies to the point that you (consciousness) begins to resonate with it, and once the resonation is strong enough, you leave your body and begin to Astral Project. 

Actually, the Hum is also described by veteran Astral Projectors, like Remote Viewers. Apparently the Hum is common to most if not all of Astral Projections. 

There's a whole mess of esoteric things that could be discussed in relation to Astral Projection, but I won't get into that here... 

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with the light flashes...and If anyone can give tips on how to handle it and begin Astral Projection.

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I would be careful your symptoms could be a form of mind control.

I'm yet to see the bright light. Sleep paralysis is something I have never been comfortable with. Since childhood my sleep paralysis always start with a tinkling sensation in my throat; then I know it is coming! I start to see weird images that frightens me. I shout, call for help but now one hears me. When that is gone, then I will always wake up. Now I think I have control. One time during that moment of frighten, I told that monster I was no longer afraid of it; it just turned back and disappeared through my window. Since that time, it has greatly reduce by more than 90%. 

I think in sleep paralysis, one of a person's chakra really open into that realm before it begins. So long before, when I was a kid, I knew my throat was really special before I got to know about the chakra centers of the body.

With the pineal gland, the only experience I think I have had with it is when I sleep and I wake up in a different realm, I'm able to also see into that new realm including the physical; whatever that is inside my room although my eyes are close. II really sounds crazy; but it happens frequently!

I've had tones of this kind of experiences in the past. The hum could be something different and scaring sometimes, you could also hear voices or deep breaths, or even feel any presence near your bed.

I found an answer to all this phenomena in the book "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce (you can download it free from his site at

The paralysis is due an OBE in progress: you are awake in your physic body and your astral body is wandering outside. Better not to try to get out of your body because you are already out, and your mind is divided in two copies. 

The best thing you could do is work on having an OBE at your will, and try to sleep well (more than you do actually).

Nothing more to say. You'd better take a look at that book. There you will find all the answers.

But my advice is take care of it, otherwise you could get stuck in some kind of fear if things get worse.

Hope it helps.


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