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it certainly looks like a clandestine power structure that has ebbed and flowed in strength for most of our history is in charge of making the money we use, and selling it to our government for a constant stream of accelerating interest. the federal reserve is a private corporation, and its in charge of how much money gets printed. the conflict of interest is flagrant.

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Amazing is it not, that we continue to allow these criminals to operate in this treasonous fashion?

Its time to tell the FED the party's over and give the authority to print currency back to the US Mint, and print in accordance with the constitution, where it belongs.

It is absolutely ridiculous that we give this authority over to a private corporation at interest, every country has the right and obligation to print its own currency, and should do so very quickly without even a flinch.

The central banks can simply go home, and play with their own monopoly paper.
right but of course they want to keep it that way, and have doubtless taken measures to that end.
besides its not treason if you arent subject to us law. international banking conglomerates exist in a limbo between jurisdictions, brilliant, and i tip my hat to them. perfectly legal. grossly immoral but then again they are outside any civilizations social contract just like they are outside its law, and so they have a wide berth for consideration of morality. profoundly interesting.
Speaking of international banking....I am reminded of the Knights Templar.

Some of the Templar's escaped to Switzerland after 1307. Take a look at their flag.

Flag of Switzerland - white on red (octagon, Templar banking):

Templar Cross - red on white (octagon):

Red Cross International - red on white (octagon):

yeah. like our money. who is on it? the past presidents of the u s right? wrong. they arent all presidents, but they are all masons. like benjamin franklin on the 100 dollar bill. its a long and large story
Do you think if the people completely understood the gravity of our situation that this could continue? What if WE THE PEOPLE fully understood that thirty three (33) of the 43 American presidents were brothers or cousins and or directly blood related? Maybe then we might put two and two together and figure out a few things like for example if they are all related that means they come from a bloodline, a single line, a long line of kings and queens. Once the people know this they will then begin to understand that kings and queens are not now and never were "voted" for at anytime in human history. Then maybe just maybe with a little fluoride/aspartame induced critical thinking we the people can, with a little luck (the odds are stacked against us) begin to grasp the gravity of our situation. Maybe the masses will begin to rethink the "election" and "re election" of the worst rated and most hated president in American history bar none! Maybe they will see that the elections really were stolen and that conspiracy theory is really conspiracy fact, and that the next American president has already been determined. Ok I know we still need a few hints, examples are good too. I'll give you the best example history has to offer. The thirty year reign of the Bush dynasty from beginning with the father (king) George H.W. Bush as vice president then president in the 80's to the present with President (King) George W. Bush Junior the second or third or epic fail with all of his dirty laundry for which the list is truly endless (Nixon could take a cue). Which brings me to my final point. 9/11. More specific September 11th 2001. More specific World Trade Center Tower 7. More specific the gravity of our situation and in the lay-mans terms the future freedoms of mankind on planet earth!
Most can not break free of their programming. The idiot box is too powerful.
it is the same as it has always been, a few clandestine aristocrats run the show from behind the scenes. only the show and the scenes have changed, and not much.
That's right. Just as in the allegory of Plato's Cave. Today, only the dancing images on the cave wall have changed, the puppeteers remain in control.
all that remains then is to discover the nature of the real things moving that create the shadowplay of illusionary phenomenon
indeed, the feudalism that sparked the French and American revolution, (both of which were very much influenced by the lodges of Masonry and the Bavarian Illuminati,) has simply been subverted - rather than abolished.
"From us the indigenous people, from all over the World, not just ones we are familiar with, from all over, there is an agreeement that we have entered into a unique and special time in history of the world and its a time where we about to move from from one way of being to a completely different way of being."

"The ideas that we have held, for example "star wars", where we have a concept that the Universe is fighting with each other, we are going to discover that this is not true, that actually the Universe is a living being and it is conscious and it is very old, and it cares about itself in a lots of ways, and so like I said, the ideas of "star wars" there are just really a mental fear of humans - in truth the Universe really does everything it can to help eachother and we are entering into a time where that is going to become obvious. Where it looks helpless we are going to find support, and where everything just looks there is no way out we are going to find the way out we are going to see the light to go through it. It is a time of great hope we are entering into. The Mayans specifically when they talk about this time they call this time the End of Time because it is the end of a very long cycle and it is the beginning of a new cycle, it isn't like everything comes to an end - it is just the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. But it depends on which part of the cycle the Mayans are talking about, if they are talking about the old part of the cycle, which is what we are familiar with, that is the banking system, the religions, the governments and all this kind of stuff, that is going to become extremely unstable and if they are correct it is going to break apart completetly and dissolve away but in its place is going to be a bran new way of being, a way that we have not seen on Earth in almost anybodys life-time in a long long time in thousands and thousands of years, where fear goes away. We are about the end of polarity."

"A new way of perceiving enters the world and we in our lifetime are going to experience it, I mean now in this moment in 2008 it seems It can't be! The world is crazy! There are wars, they are trying to kill each other and the financial systems are breaking apart and on and on and on... But that is not what the Ancient Ones in this planet are saying, they are saying finally we are entering this place and we are going about to see something bran new, it is very old actually!"

- Drunvalo Melchizedek

Excerpts from the interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek in Argentina Palermo, Buenos Aires (August 2, 2008)


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